Hytera Radios, Mobile & Repeater Portfolio

DCRS Ltd offers the complete portfolio of Hytera two-way radios, mobiles, repeaters and applications, which can benefit any organisation that requires staff to communicate efficiently and safely.
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Hytera Portables / Walkie-Talkies

Hytera hand held portables have been designed with quality and flexibility in mind. These compact walkie-talkies offer high-quality audio and a variety of smart features, such as lone-worker, push-to-talk, man-down and many others, to make your communications and workflow more seamless. The ergonomically designed Hytera portable radios also boast long-lasting batteries and are built with durable materials, ensuring they will last through various shift patterns and will be able to hold up even in the most rugged environments.

To learn more about Hytera portable radio hire and purchase options enquire or call 0800 043 2688 .

Hytera Handheld Portable Radios

Hytera Handheld LTE Radios

Hytera Bodycams

Bodycams provide businesses and teams with a reliable solution to collect evidence and keep staff members protected. With innovative Hytera body-worn cameras you will be able to capture high-quality video and audio evidence, even in low-light environments.

Their compact and discreet design doesn’t encumber the bodycam wearer. Instead Hytera body cameras make it easy for teams to move with flexibility, without hindering them during any emergency situations. On top of that, the bodycams offer long-lasting battery life, ensuring to capture evidence throughout various shift patterns.

Hytera also provides an on-site real time video streaming feature, which allows video evidence to be transmitted back to the dispatch centre or security site. This application allows for faster emergency responses and makes it easy for teams to follow certain events unfolding in real time.

Hytera Body-Worn Cameras

Hytera Licence Free Radios

Hytera licence free radios provide crystal-clear audio and keep your teams connected, ensuring a seamless flow of day-to-day operations within your business. The ergonomic design and intuitive use, make these radios very easy to adapt into your team’s processes and communications. This way making it easy to assign tasks and share important information, which greatly improves productivity and efficiency at the workplace.

Licence free walkie-talkies provide more flexibility to businesses, as there is no need to gain permits or pay any extra-costs. Making them the perfect solution to connect staff members within smaller premises.

Hytera Licence Free Radios

Hytera Mobiles

Hytera Mobile Radios are built with durability, reliability and flexibility in mind. The design of these radios makes them the perfect solution for in-vehicle communications, as they are easy to adapt and install. These radios boast crystal-clear audio quality and reduced background noise, which ensures clear communication even in loud environments, which is especially important while communicating on the road.

With innovative features, such as bluetooth connection, lone-worker, digital emergency modes and many more, Hytera will be a great addition to any communication systems within your team.

Hytera Mobile Radios

Hytera Digital Repeaters

Hytera repeaters come with a variety of advanced features to improve the versatility and flexibility of your communication systems. These next generation digital repeaters offer enhanced and more compact design, without sacrificing the premium quality of its built-in features and network coverage.

With reliable and long-lasting batteries, improved receiver sensitivity, ability to switch between analogue and digital, as well as many other features, we are sure these innovative digital repeaters will meet your requirements. Exceeding any expectations of connection coverage, while enhancing reliability and performance of your current radio communications.

Hytera Repeaters

Hytera Software Applications

With Hytera’s innovative and intelligent software applications, users are able to optimise their radio systems so suit their specific needs. Such applications can be used across a wide variety of organisations and sectors, like healthcare, logistics, call centres and many more. By applying smart solutions businesses acquire a more efficient way to monitor processes, manage and communicate with their teams quickly and effectively, which helps improve staff safety, as well as response times to any urgent assistance requests.

Hytera DMR Software Applications

Hytera DMR DWS dispatcher
Hytera DMR Smartdispatch
Hytera SmartOne
Hytera DMR Smartone
Hytera SmartXPT screen
Hytera SmartXPT
Hytera DVRS DMR Voice Recorder
Rfid DMR Patrol System
Hytera SmartOne
Hytera DMR PD985 Recording Manager