Portable Radios

Portable radios

DCRS – UK’s one of the UK’s market leaders providing services of portable two-way radios for sale and hire to provide flexible and reliable communication solutions to your teams. We offer a range of high-quality digital radio portables, that come in both licensed and license-free options, alongside a wide selection of accessories and applications. You can look through the services we offer or contact DCRS directly to find out about two-way walkie-talkie sale and hire options, radio support and evaluation etc.

A large selection of two-way digital radios are available with their advanced features and user-friendly design. It provides great flexibility and reliability, benefiting any type of workplace and team. Portable two-way radios can be suitable for any sector and business. It can also be hired for a variety of events, teams, organisations and more.

Get in contact with us to get more information about certain products or download the products brochures available.