Distribution & Logistics Two-Way Radio Communication Products, Systems and Applications

A unique and tailored supply chain. Distribution and logistic distribution two-way radio solutions.


With a wide range of radio communication solutions in our portfolio, we will have the perfect match for your particular distribution or logistics site’s challenges, including areas from the factory floor, to multiple sites and your vehicles/drivers to help you increase efficiency and deliver accuracy on all levels.

By implementing digital radio communications into your work-flow, you will be able to improve the safety and traceability of your distribution and logistic site staff, operations and working environment – so you can keep your goods moving smoothly and maximise job efficiency, as well as profitability.

Using either individually, or with an integrated application, a reliable two-way radio system will allow swift communication and ensure every team member is in contact, whether it is a lone worker requiring assistance, messages being communicated to a crane, a call to take a delivery or simply to communicate a message sitewide.

Two-way radio system sales and hire for distribution centres


DCRS provides a vast range of two-way communication systems for sales and hire, to help you overcome any communication obstacles. Implementing portable radios within your warehouse will improve on-site security as well as productivity, because reliable communication solutions ensure efficient exchange of information even in loud environments.

DCRS offers way more than just radio hire and sales. We go above and beyond to ensure that you and your team feel comfortable and confident using your new walkie-talkies in the most efficient and accessible ways. You get more than just a product; our team of engineers help you discover any weak coverage spots and compile relevant data to ensure your two-way radios are matched perfectly to your needs.

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Protecting lone workers


Digital radio systems help establish greater coverage and easy access to communicate with other team members. This way improving safety of lone working employees in the distribution and manufacturing industries.

Warehouse teams, as well as employees of distribution centres often work with loud machinery, which hinders robust communication. Thus it is important to supply workers with radio devices which help to reduce background noise, improve voice quality and supply an option to request urgent assistance in case of emergency situations. Such features and more can be found in the new Motorola R7 series of digital walkie-talkies. These two-way radio systems offer loud and clear voice quality by cutting out background noise in the loud warehouse environment. The R7 radios are designed with a large and optimally placed emergency button, which makes calling for help easy and quick.

Motorola R7 radios

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