Purchase Two-way Radios And Systems

We will look, listen and learn about who you are and what your business is all about. Through our approach, we can offer the most tailored two-way radio solutions to provide precisely what your business needs. At DCRS, our experienced engineers can help you overcome the challenges keeping you away from establishing strong and reliable communication between your teams.

As one of the largest UK distributors of two-way radio communication systems, we know that every radio user is unique, allowing us to help you find the right radio product. With a sales team that is manufacturer-trained, we are confident that our recommendations will suit the needs, requirements and challenges your organisation might have, all while adhering to your budget.

All equipment we supply meets the current OFCOM licensing regulations and is provided as standard with a manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. On top of that, extended care options are also available when the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Doing this gives our customers peace of mind, as they are assured that our team goes above and beyond to provide long-term two-way radio solutions.

DCRS are highly experienced at integrating different manufacturer products to create advanced analogue or digital radio systems. Doing this provides an easier and more seamless way to introduce new radio products, ensuring the transition won’t hinder pre-established operations while meeting every aspect of a customer’s requirements and budget.

purchase radio systems


By choosing this option, you have the freedom to take your site(s) to the next level of two-way radio equipment whether that be a system upgrade or integration into another on-site system that requires an application.

Accessorise Your Two-Way Radios And Mobile


Get the most out of your hand portables and ensure you have the correct audio accessories. Choose from cover kits where discrete operation is imperative, or introduce noise-cancelling headsets into your workflow to ensure reliable communication and protect your staff’s hearing in those high-noise environments.



Most radio manufacturers and systems now provide built-in Bluetooth capability, which allows you to replace a remote speaker microphone or any wired audio accessories. Doing this makes it easier for users to move around flexibly, as they don’t have to worry about cables getting in the way of their workflow. On top of that, you can utilise any Bluetooth headset in your operations, making it so you are not tied to a particular radio manufacturer.

Bluetooth Accessory Kit


Power your two-way radios with genuine, proven standard and smart batteries and chargers designed to keep you working throughout your day. Whether you need to enter temperature-controlled conditions or to keep your hand portable online for 24+ hours, we have a solution. Utilising additional batteries also helps ensure that your teams, especially lone workers, will not be left disconnected if their two-way radio battery runs out of power. Providing them with additional batteries will allow them to replace them and continue swiftly with their shift.


Carry cases, holders, and belt clips are available in all sizes and are designed to fit your radio and battery to protect your device from knocks and scratches while still allowing audio to be heard clearly so you can concentrate on the task. These accessories are perfect for busy environments like warehouses, construction sites, and manufacturing plants.

Carry case

If you are looking to purchase new two-way radios, you can rest assured that DCRS will provide you with tailored solutions. We can supply your business with products by selecting suitable radios and recommending valuable accessories to improve team communication significantly. Your two-way radio equipment will be reliable even in loud and rugged environments through strong connection and high-quality audio.

We have a full range of audio, energy and carrying options to complement your devices, allowing your whole team to work efficiently. The range we offer varies from budget-friendly solutions to medium priced, all the way to high specification options, fully customised to suit your specific needs.