UNIGATEWAY Connect And Unify

Wave PTX is changing the way we communicate

UNIGATEWAY Connect and Unify

Two Way Radio App

Unlock the potential of your onsite systems – interface all of your voice and data systems to be as one with Unigateway

Here at DCRS we see it as our duty to provide our customers with the best systems to deliver and monitor your onsite processes. And there is no better team than our own to develop, build and implement the most advanced and effective technological solutions.

Each Unigateway is capable of multiple, simultaneous functions including:

• Text Messaging to and from radio systems
• Email using SMTP & POP Services
• GSM Text Messaging via USB GSM Dongle
• Alert Calls
• GPS Location Reports
• Radio Registration Events (ARS/RRS)
• Voltage Monitoring via the Power Input
• Third Party Connectivity via TCP/UDP sockets, HTTP requests/posts, External Databases
• Internet of Things “IoT” Integration

The Unigateway is not limited to the above, new connections are continuously being developed and we can personalise the solution to meet your exact requirements.