Healthcare Radio Communication Products, Systems and Applications

Our two-way radio voice and data communication solutions for the healthcare sector create a safe and secure environment where staff can perform at their best. Our integrated voice and data radio communication and application solutions can help you improve everyday processes, manage incidents and emergencies, and prevent security breaches from happening.

Flexible and adaptable voice and data radio communication solutions include Motorola Solutions and Hytera digital two-way radios, body cameras, accessories, applications, systems and support services connecting your staff and equipment to provide precise, secure and discreet communications.

Faster response times and clearer communication

Creating and maintaining a safe and secure environment is essential for staff and patients. We are all seeing and hearing about the day-to-day pressures faced by the NHS and private healthcare, but communication shouldn’t be one. 

Reliable two-way radios are paramount in healthcare settings as they help speed up response times to assistance requests and emergencies by connecting staff instantly at the touch of a button. Where there isn’t time, reaching colleagues can even be done without verbal communication; with the constant evolution of the two-way radio industry, features and applications such as Lone Worker and Man Down provide increased safety while offering reassurance and peace of mind.


Why is it crucial for healthcare teams to have two-way radios?

  • Efficient job ticketing
  • Quick response times to emergencies
  • Successful communication between staff to ensure patient safety
  • Facility coverage and improved security
  • Efficient control of staff locations
  • Easier way to assign jobs and tasks
  • Apps/features available to increase the safety of lone workers
  • Health and Safety
  • Incident reporting
  • To enhance patient care

Healthcare two-way radios

The two-way radios we recommend for the healthcare sector are:

Mototrbo R2

Introducing the newest addition to the Motorola family, the R2 is a reliable asset to an uninterrupted workday. Built with the user in mind, the R2 is slim, durable and easy to handle, allowing you to communicate efficiently. This device is also compatible with the DP1400 charger and accessories.

Key features include:

  • Lone worker
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rugged exterior design
  • Loud and clear audio

Mototrbo R7

The Mototrbo R7 is a digital two-way radio that offers loud, clear, customisable audio in a rugged, dependable and connected device. The R7 series is compatible with the DP4000 (DP4400, DP4600, DP4800) series chargers but will require new accessories.

The R7 Series includes:

Key features include:

  • Customisable audio
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Large and optimally-located emergency button

Kirisun DP405

The Kirisun DP405 is a simple, stylish, cost-effective portable, offering both analogue and digital modes of operation. Loud and clear audio and voice annunciation is offered in a compact size, while safety is supported with emergency call and lone worker features. A 2000mAH lithium-ion battery is supplied as standard to provide excellent performance throughout a working shift.

Key features include:

  • Compact size with high audio output
  • Dual mode compatibility, analogue and digital, for smooth migration
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Emergency call and lone worker functions

Accessories to further enhance your two-way radios

We stock a full range of Audio, Energy and Carrying options to complement your devices, allowing your whole team to work efficiently. Our range varies from budget and medium priced to high specification, specialised options.

Body-worn cameras for healthcare teams

The body cameras we recommend:

Motorola VB400 Body Camera

Motorola body camera solutions help protect staff members and capture evidence, making it easier to respond to emergencies calmly. This way, personnel always have undeniable and unbiased footage of what occurred in such situations. Additionally, video from body cameras can be accessed from the control room in real time, which makes for quicker response times to emergencies and urgent assistance requests.

The Motorola VB400 is easy to adapt to your team’s workflow. Its intuitive and durable design and the possibility to configure ahead of time make it so that such fixed video security systems require little to no training to reach high performance. On top of that, the bodycams can be mounted in multiple ways, making it easy to accommodate all staff without restricting movement or flexibility.

Hytera range of body cameras

Hytera’s remote video microphones (RVMs) seamlessly integrate bodycams and remote speaker microphones, providing a simple way to upgrade your communication system to include video capture. As a service to multiple industries, our bodycams help capture evidence, keep records, and provide security.

Your team can notice the following benefits of having quality and professional body-worn cameras:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Seamless communication
  • Confidence
  • Stability

Our frequently asked questions

What problems poor communication can cause in hospitals?

Poor communication within the healthcare sector (i.e. hospitals, care homes and GP surgeries) could cause problems such as:

  • Missed messages and assistance requests
  • Poor patient experience
  • Reduced efficiency of hospital operations
  • Difficulty assigning tasks
  • Reduced security for staff and patients
  • Lack of support and assistance in the case of an emergency

Factors to consider when choosing a healthcare radio:

  • The size of your hospital – how much coverage is needed?
  • What battery life is needed – how long are the shifts of your personnel?
  • The size of your healthcare team – how many people will be using the radios?
  • Your budget – we cater for all budgets and requirements, finding a solution suitable for your communication needs
  • Will you require any accessories such as those listed above?

Lone worker protection

With staff working in the healthcare sector being open to risks, it’s crucial to ensure that everyone in the workplace adheres to UK laws set in place.

A digital lone worker alarm system provides increased staff safety by giving users the means of raising the alarm within their healthcare setting in the case of an emergency; this allows you to follow set health and safety policies while being fully reportable for insurance mitigation.

You can have a support package through your digital two-way radios to ensure all your staff are within easy reach in real-time. By utilising the PTT (push-to-talk) function on a two-way radio, the user, when notified, presses and releases to confirm that they are OK. If the user does not communicate within the predefined time, the radio will enter ‘emergency mode’. The radio will warn the user to respond; if they do not, it will set the emergency procedure into play, and the radio controller and other users will then be notified.

Benefits of integrating a lone worker app with your two-way radio system:

  • Simple Alarm Activation – A dedicated panic alarm giving peace of mind to your lone workers.
  • Fully Reportable – Significantly reduces financial risk to the business with a fully recordable and reportable system, which can assist with insurance mitigation.
  • Position Reporting – Utilising built-in GPS, the user location data information is sent to a central point during an emergency.
  • Lower Costs – Deploy without the need for a second device.
  • Inclusive Emergency Calls – No monthly tariff charges.

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