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Digital Low Cost Two-Way Radios

Kirisun radio communication products provide users with great value for money, whilst ensuring crystal-clear sound quality and reliability. Their radios and repeaters boast ergonomic design and portability, ensuring they won’t hinder your team’s workflow. Kirisun radio equipment also has the ability to switch between analogue and digital channels, making them easy to integrate into existing communication systems. On top of that, these products are supplied with high-capacity batteries, which will last through the longest shifts.

All of these features make Kirisun a great addition to various businesses, providing them with a great way to keep teams connected. These radio systems also offer such applications as Lone Worker and Emergency Mode. This allows staff members, even those working on their own for extended periods, request urgent assistance and inform others of emergencies.

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Kirisun Radio – Handheld Portables

Kirisun handheld two way radios are offered in both analogue and digital modes of operation.

The radios come in compact size suitable for any industry and team that uses them. The radios come with high-power speaker, which combined with advanced digital voice encoding and forward error correction system results in better quality audio. The call capacity is highly improved on these radios, considering the need of its users which is one of it’s many benefits.

There is the possibility of two group calls on the same frequency at the same time. The users of DP405 can switch between analogue and digital channels to keep in touch in any circumstances with this radio. Most valued feature for the radio would be the power-saving feature which enables the battery to provide up to 16 hours use. The handheld portable radios are built with a very high level of security with transmissions. The encryption will help prevent eavesdropping and keep radio calls private to the user. In order to provide user safety and the safety of your team, these radios have the emergency call and lone worker features built in as well.

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Kirisun Radio – Handheld Portable & Mobile Radios

Kirisun Licence Free Radio

Kirisun licence free and cost-effective two-way radio offers intuitive and durable design, which means that teams can utilise their walkie-talkies even in busy and rugged environments. Alongsite that, the ability to switch between analogue and digital modes makes these radios more adaptable with other communication systems. Kirisun digital two-way licence free radios are easy to use and adapt into your team’s workflow, as you don’t need to gain any permits or licences to use them. This ensures your teams can share important information and efficiently assign jobs between staff members right after acquiring their new walkie-talkies.

The DP405S offers loud and clear audio and doesn’t require any licences or permits, meaning you can utilise it right away. It also boasts a long lasting battery life, meaning this two-way radio will easily last your whole working shift, which is crucial when keeping staff connected. With its compact size, reliable coverage and programmable features, this Kirisun licence free radio will ensure enhanced productivity and safety of your team.

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Kirisun Radios – License Free Digital Radio

Kirisun Repeaters

The Kirisun repeaters stand out with the professional 1U design that helps save installation space. The unique cooling design offers a built-in heat pipe and four fans, which ensure efficient heat dispersion, preventing the repeater from over-heating in high output power mode. DR600 can easily be configured to analogue, digital or mixed mode. When configured to mixed mode, the repeater can be dynamically switched between analogue and digital depending on the type of received calls, thus allowing to keep the sound quality consistent.

Kirisun DR600 supports third party development via a rear port of the repeater. This is achieved via the pin control through the repeater rear port. DR600 repeaters can be connected based on TCP/IP network (LAN or VPN in WAN) to form a IP connection network, which helps expand the coverage area. The DP600 provides the second development interface, allowing dispatch, telephone system and other facilities to be developed by the third party. It supports remote monitor/diagnosis and makes it easy to control the repeater status.

To learn more about how you can apply Kirisun digital radio equipment, enquire or call the DCRS team today.

Kirisun Repeaters