Digital Lone Worker Alarm

Wave PTX is changing the way we communicate

It is estimated that 6.8 million people in the united kingdom are lone workers, which is 22% of the 31.2m uk working population*

With staff open to risks as an employer, it is within your duty of care to ensure you adhere to the laws set in place in the Uk.

A digital lone worker alarm system provides an increase in worker safety and gives users a means of raising the alarm within an organisation allowing you to follow set health & safety policies while being fully reportable for insurance mitigation.

Through your mobile phones, tablets, digital two-way radios, workstations and emails you can have a support package to ensure all of your staff are within easy reach, in real time. By utilising the PTT on a two-way radio the user when notified presses and releases to confirm that they are OK if the user does not communicate within the pre-defined time the radio will then go into an ‘emergency mode’. Utilising a loud audible tone the radio will warn the user to respond, if they do not it will set the emergency procedure into play, the radio controller and other users will then be notified.

Benefits of integrating a lone worker app with your two-way radio system:

Simple Alarm Activation – A dedicated panic alarm giving peace of mind for your lone workers

Fully Reportable – Significantly reduces financial risk to the business with a fully recordable and reportable system which can assist with insurance mitigation

Position Reporting – Utilising built-in GPS the user location data information is sent to a central point during an emergency situation

Lowers Costs – Deploy without the need for a second device

Inclusive Emergency Calls – No monthly tariff charges

This system can also be utilised in conjunction with the Alarm Management / Internal / External Tracking.

*HSE website