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Events, whether held indoors or outdoors, often attract and welcome large amounts of different individuals, making it harder to keep the seamless flow of the event and contain any potential risks of unexpected incidents. Such factors make the importance of strong communication systems clear as day. Unfortunately, cellular networks are often strained with sparse connectivity and can often prove unreliable. To solve these issues and make communication easier and more stable, DCRS can offer tailored and professional two-way radio equipment solutions for both – hire and sale, helping establish a swift and clear exchange of information between your personnel.

Hire two-way radio systems

DCRS offers a vast range of two-way radio solutions for hire and sale, to help you overcome any communicational obstacles. Whether you are organising an outdoor or indoor event, our team of engineers will listen to your needs and provide required communication solutions and support your whole team in using them. DCRS offers way more than just radio hire and sales, we go above and beyond to ensure that you and your team feel comfortable and confident using your new walkie talkies in the most efficient and easy ways to communicate during your unique event, and because of that, our team of radio specialists are available to support you even during weekends.

Music events such as festivals and concerts often face thousands of people, who are all spread out across the perimeter. Keeping the audience and staff safe in such events is the organiser’s top priority and, unfortunately, could not be done without appropriate communication systems in place. Such two-way radio systems as MOTOROLA DP4400e offer high durability, as well as resistance to water and heat, therefore the day-to-day wear and tear will not affect the walkie talkies much in the long run. As well as their resilience, these radios can offer crystal clear audio quality, ensuring to cut out any loud background noises and making it easy for staff to understand one another easier. The radio’s revolutionary battery will provide the organisers and personnel with high mobility, because its lasting power is guaranteed up to 28 hours, removing any need for constant recharging or a battery change.

Motorola DP4400e

From sports to corporate events communication support

Marathons, whether short, long-distance running, or even racing ones like Shell Eco-Marathon, are highly demanding for even the most experienced participants, who have completed extensive training to participate in such events. It is crucial to have reliable radio systems established throughout the event’s perimeter, as health scares and injuries occur very often in such types of fitness affairs. Providing staff with high-quality and easy-to-use two-way radios makes it easier to respond to and deliver appropriate help in case of emergencies. MOTOROLA DP4600 two-way radios offer an emergency button feature, which when pressed clears all channels, prioritises the emergency message and this way makes sure that all radio users have been informed of the urgent assistance request. Such feature, as well as ease of use, crisp audio quality and strong battery life, makes Motorola radios a great two-way radio solution, which is sure to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your team’s communication.

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The Mototrbo R7

Mototrbo R7

The Mototrbo R7 is a great two-way radio for event communication. The R7 provides reliable communication that offers ample coverage for large event venues and holds an impressive battery life while being small and lightweight. This two-way radio offers an advanced background-noise suppression feature to enhance the clear audio quality and volume. On top of that, the Mototrbo R7 comes with additional accessories to help customise your two-way radio to fit around the event. The R7 is a user-friendly option, enabling teams to correctly and efficiently use the radio without in-depth training.

No matter the type of event, DCRS will help you find the perfect two-way radio equipment. Our commitment to our clients, premium service and 30 years experience in the events industry is why DCRS are a leading radio system sale and rental provider for events worldwide.

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