Motorola Wave PTX

Broadband Push-to-Talk Communication

Suppose you are looking for a solution with seamless and reliable communication for your team at long-range places where the signal is unstable. In that case, Wave PTX is the perfect solution created by Motorola Solutions.

Contact DCRS, the trusted supplier for Motorola, and we will help you turn your communication problems into solutions.

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What is Motorola Wave PTX?

Wave PTX is a subscription-based group communication service that has the power to connect your team instantly. Regardless of the different devices they use, the networks they are connected to, and the locations they might be at. Wave PTX can seamlessly establish communication between your team on opposite sides of the country with an easy Push-to-Talk system by Motorola.

Seamless and instant communication

Keep your team connected now without delay. Enable instant group communication with this Push-to-Talk system by Motorola.

Predictable costs

No usage-based call charges mean costs are fixed. This Push-to-Talk radio and communications system allows you to plan and manage your budget.

Communications without limits

Your teams can communicate with regional, nationwide and cross-border push-to-talk via broadband. There won’t be any workers stranded without contact in place.

One app and options for multi media

One app will allow you to control everything from one place, making it easier for your team to adapt to the new communications system. Wave PTX also comes with the option of media sharing, so your team can send images if needed in no time.

Full support from the DCRS team

We will not leave you to struggle with set-up or any technical support needed. Our expert radio technicians can help you set up and use Wave PTX to its full potential.

Watch our video on one of the latest Wave PTX two-way radios – TLK 110

NEW product from the Wave PTX range

TLK 110 Two-Way Radio

DCRS now supplies the newest product of the Wave PTX line. TLK 110 allows you to communicate between team members even on opposite sides of the country using the Push-to-Talk radio system.

With a modern and robust design that is easy to use, TLK 110 can be just the radio you are looking for.

TLK110 Radio small WAVEptx

What products come under Wave PTX?

WAVE PTX Mobile App

No need for an extra device; your phone can be turned into a handset with the Wave PTX subscription. With one button, easy setup and quick reach, your device can play the role of a portable handset, and you can communicate with your team without any delays.

Business radio Wave PTX system

Wave PTX Dispatch

A Two-Way Radio Dispatcher allows you to monitor large amounts of radio traffic. Supporting both analogue and digital channels this solution will support you through your migration period.

The dispatcher solution supports all features of your two-way radios (Capacity Plus, GPS Positioning, Text Messaging, ARS, and Telemetry) and offers you a number of specific options such as Voice Recording, Geo-Fencing, Lone Worker operation, Intercom, Scheduler for Text Messages, Unit Activity Monitor, Email Gateway, etc.

Dispatch app Wave Ptx

Evolve LTE Handheld Device

Built for business and mission-critical environments, the Evolve LTE handheld device combines an intuitive user experience and open platform architecture with the ruggedness and reliability expected of a crucial communications device.

Evolve enables seamless communications across different locations and networks. With Evolve, your teams will use the cutting-edge technology of today and be ready for the innovations of tomorrow.

Evolve LTE handheld radio device

TLK 110 Two-Way Radio

TLK 110 combines the flexibility of push-to-talk communication via broadband with the reliability of a rugged, purpose-built radio. TLK 110 has dedicated safety features and a long battery life.

This device is rugged, easy to use and manage, making it the perfect solution for any business communication system.

School driver using Wave Ptx

TLK 100 Two-Way Radio

Combine the broad coverage of a Europe-wide 3G/4G network with the ease of two-way radio communications. The TLK 100 will automatically switch to the strongest network available to ensure a reliable connection and will seamlessly roam as the user moves between countries.

Manage talk groups and subscriptions in real-time. Increase coverage, improve communications and productivity without expanding infrastructure.

Motorola wave ptx push to talk

TLK 150 Radio

The TLK 150 radio system offers reliable deployment with a Europe-wide service connection. Alongside its wide coverage, 4G LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and ability of Over-the-air device management, it also offers features to ensure you can communicate with ease. Its loud and clear audio quality, as well as innovative background noise suppression, ensures you can communicate even in the most rugged environments.

Stay connected with a reliable communication system, offering greater speed and efficiency of private and group push-to-talk features. 

Wave PTX TLK150

TLK 25 Device

Communicate and operate confidently with the TLK 25 Wi-Fi, a wearable WAVE PTX device that elevates your push-to-talk capabilities and doesn’t limit communication to one location. Compact, powerful and equipped with an intuitive voice assistant, the TLK 25 is designed for ease of use and efficiency.

Access a safety and management ecosystem with the TLK 25 Wi-Fi, equipped with emergency features and interoperable with TLK, MOTOTRBO and WAVE PTX solutions. Operate easily with its Intuitive Voice Assistant, which carries out all key device functions. Communicate over your existing Wi-Fi networks using the TLK 25’s PTT button. With a sleek form factor, TLK 25 Wi-Fi is a compact device containing a powerful technology ecosystem

tlk 25

Is Wave PTX a suitable communication solution for your needs?

Wave PTX is most suitable for long-range communication, business, group and poor-signal areas. Firms from the agriculture, school, events and exhibitions sectors are some of our regular customers.

To find out if Wave is suitable for your needs and requirements, speak to our DCRS team of communication and radio experts.

Capabilities and features of Wave PTX

Answering your common questions about the Wave PTX devices and system.

Instant communication

Get the speed and simplicity of professional radio push-to-talk communication with the ability to share information via text, photo, video, or file attachment.

Broadband push-to-talk service

You can connect your professional radio system to Wave PTX and reach more team members over a more comprehensive service area. You can increase productivity in-country and cross-border with the push-to-talk system, wherever your network takes you.

Predictable costs

No usage-based call charges mean that costs are fixed, making it easier to manage your budget without exceeding it.

Easy to manage

Device ordering, deployment and management are effortless from start to finish. All Wave PTX devices come with simple user controls to make communication instant and managing calls easy.

Built for the job

All Wave PTX devices are built to get the job done! Designed for precise audio and location tracking in a rugged, compact form factor, rest assured these devices are built to last. Each also has dedicated safety features and long battery life.

One app, multiple media options

You don’t need a two-way radio to access your team’s Wave PTX System. You can also communicate using a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop if you are signed in and using the Wave PTX Mobile Application, so if there is no two-way radio. No problem!

View our case studies to see how we have solved our customers’ communication issues

DCRS works across industries to support businesses and teams in choosing the right two-way radios and systems for their needs. We supply a wide range of radios of the highest quality from Motorola Solutions.

Some of the sectors that we see have had huge benefits from the Wave system are:

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