Two-Way Radio & Mobile Accessories

Whether you just purchased a new two-way radio, and it is accessories you seek, or you are simply looking to add to an existing fleet, we have a full range of audio, energy and carrying options to complement your hand portable two-way radio and mobile devices, allowing your whole team to work efficiently. The range we offer varies from budget and medium priced through to high specification, specialised options. DCRS offers radio products and systems by many very well known brands such as Motorola, Hytera, Kirisun, Kenwood etc. All our radios come in top-notch quality and with the sale or hire we also offer you support to your team and your business with setting up and maintaining your radios. The two way radios are a great option to maintain constant communication within your team under any curcimstances and places.


Get the most out of your hand portable two-way radios and mobiles and ensure you have the right audio accessory for the job, from covert kits where a discrete operation is imperative, to noise-cancelling headsets for those high noise environments where you need to protect your staff’s hearing.


Most major radio manufacturers such as Motorola Solutions and Hytera now offer Bluetooth capability, allowing you to replace the use of remote speaker microphone or wired audio accessory. Moreover, you can utilise any Bluetooth headset, you are not tied to the radio manufacturer.


Power your two-way radios with genuine proven standard and smart batteries and chargers designed to keep you working throughout your day. Whether you need to enter temperature-controlled conditions, to keeping your hand portable online for 24+ hours, we have a solution.

Antennas and Antenna Accessories

DCRS offer a variety of antenna solutions to suit your requirements — DAS Systems, multiple mounting options, GPS capability, directional and omni-directional antennas.


Carry cases, holders and belt clips are available in all sizes designed to fit your hand portable two-way radio and battery, to protect your device from knocks and scratches while still allowing audio to be heard clearly, so that you can concentrate on the task at hand.