Two-way radios for large events

Two-way radios for conferences, exhibitions and other large indoor events

Walkie-talkies are a crucial part of organising large and successful events, as they offer multifunctionality, all while solving communication issues that can hinder the seamless flow of your conference or exhibition. Two-way radios are versatile and provide an easy way to manage your teams and operations like job ticketing, resource allocation, and emergency response.

Event organisers usually utilise walkie-talkies to ensure efficient communication between relevant teams, thus making sure that everything goes according to plan or that everyone is informed of any workflow changes. This allows teams to adapt to new situations seamlessly, ensuring the audience is unaware of any possible hurdles behind the scenes. On top of the organisational value walkie-talkies bring to event planners, they are also valuable tools for security teams. Precise and reliable communication helps respond to emergencies faster, as well as inform relevant groups about any anti-social behaviour taking place.

Purchase or hire two-way radios to ensure your site remains in constant communication at the push of a button. To learn more about our two-way radios, call the DCRS team today.

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What events benefit from two-way radios

  • Corporate events
  • Indoor exhibitions
  • Conferences
  • Business events
  • Party events
  • Festive events

Who are the primary users of event two-way radios?

Walkie-talkies are essential to creating a smooth flow and ensuring reliable team communication during large-scale conferences or exhibitions. Two-way radios benefit the event organisers, managers, technical and IT staff, and the audio and visual team. They help ensure that all the processes are coordinated well and that team members can quickly inform each other of any critical changes. Aside from behind-the-scenes staff, security, event presenters, and performers would also find great value in portable radio equipment, as it would establish a reliable connection throughout your conference, exhibition or other corporate event.

The best two-way radios for events

The Mototrbo R7

The R7 provides uninterrupted and reliable communication, with multiple channels, accessories and features to help you customise your walkie-talkie to fit around your event. It also offers ample coverage, which will easily cover large event venues, ensuring your exhibition or conference team will be connected wherever they go within the premises. On top of that, the Mototrbo R7 offers an advanced background-noise suppression feature to enhance the already loud and clear audio quality, making it the perfect walkie-talkie for events where loud noise can often make communication between teams less reliable.

This rugged two-way radio is also a tremendously user-friendly option, allowing teams to use it efficiently without the need for extensive training. Powered by a lithium cell battery, the Mototrbo R7 also provides impressive battery life while keeping weight and size down, ensuring your teams stay connected throughout your event without having to carry around heavy equipment.

Mototrbo R7

Motorola Wave PTX

The Wave PTX Radio System is a great communication solution for event organisers. It offers easy-to-set-up group communication channels, including two-way radio users and smartphone and broadband devices. Wave PTX is a network-independent multimedia communication subscription service that instantly connects your teams at the push of a button. This flexibility of communication throughout various devices will ensure that everyone is connected. With the simplicity of PTT (Push-To-Talk) technology, your personnel can communicate effectively without needing additional training.

Wave ptx

Radio accessories to suit your event

At DCRS, you can find a comprehensive range of accessories, making it easy to personalise your professional two-way radio systems by introducing equipment such as earpieces, headsets, cables, software packages, etc. With additional batteries, which ensure your radio systems stay live throughout the event, as well as radio cases and belt clips to make it easy to fit your equipment to various uniforms. Whatever your needs are, many more accessories and applications are available to suit the requirements of your conference or exhibition.

Body cameras to supplement two-way radio use

Walkie-talkies are great tools to improve communication and speed up emergency response within your team; however, supplementing your two-way radio systems with body-worn cameras can enhance the security of your event even further. Body camera solutions help protect staff members and capture evidence, making it easier to respond to aggressive and confrontational encounters calmly without disrupting the flow of your exhibition or conference. Supplying your security teams with bodycams ensures they always have undeniable and unbiased footage of what occurred in such situations.

Additionally, live footage from body cameras can be accessed from the control room in real time, speeding up response times to emergencies and urgent assistance requests. Aside from these benefits, the mere sight of a body-worn camera at an event often deters anti-social and aggressive behaviour, creating a safer space for everyone involved.

Key features of the VB400 body-worn cameras

  • Shift long battery life
  • Full HD recording in 1080p
  • Rugged and intuitive design
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Peer-assisted recording, which helps capture multiple viewpoints
  • Temperature and water resistant
VB400 body camera

Key features of the Hytera VM780 bodycam

  • Real-time video and audio streaming
  • High-quality footage, even in low-light environments
  • Integrated remote speaker microphone functionality
  • Ability to connect to a 3G/4G cellular network
  • Digital Evidence Management Platform for easy footage management
  • Long-lasting battery life
Hytera VM780

Our frequently asked questions

How can you utilise walkie-talkies during your event?

  • Coordinating staff, agents and suppliers
  • Liaising with contractors and stage management
  • Job ticketing
  • Controlling event logistics
  • Tracking the movement of resources
  • Monitoring and reporting on activities
  • Improving site security
  • Supporting visitors
  • Responding to emergencies swiftly
  • In case of site lockdown, evacuation and dispersal procedures

Two-way radios vs mobile phones

Although mobile phones may seem like the go-to budget-friendly choice to ensure smooth communication, it is not always the case. Mobile phones are an unreliable choice if you wish to ensure smooth and reliable communication during your large-scale conference or exhibition. Meanwhile, event walkie-talkies can provide one-to-one and group communication options on one device. This gives you the easy and quick option to create calls between organisers, production, security, emergency responders, agents, suppliers and speakers. With its advanced technology, two-way radio equipment will cover larger areas without worrying about poor reception.

On top of that, its purpose-built microphone and audio output offer higher quality and better background noise reduction than mobile phones – allowing teams to communicate easily even in noisy environments. Put simply, think of two-way radio as the first and last resort communication tool at events, connecting people even when mobile networks get overloaded or fail. Lastly, walkie-talkies are built to withstand wear and tear in a rugged environment, providing longer use and better durability than mobile phones.

Do I need a radio licence for my corporate event walkie-talkies?

The need for a radio licence depends on the size of your event venue. If you are organising a conference or exhibition and need to cover a large area, license-free radios may not give you the required coverage. Therefore, licenced two-way radios/walkie-talkies may be a more reliable option. Professional event walkie-talkies are often the best solution to keep teams connected during large-scale corporate events, conferences, exhibitions and more. Licensed walkie-talkies will require an OFCOM radio licence. This can be a minefield, but the benefit you get from DCRS is that we can assist with the application and take care of the renewals if you need us to; just ask! You can learn more about OFCOM radio licences here.