VB400 body camera

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Motorola VB400 Body Camera

Motorola VB400 body cameras are designed to protect staff when unexpected situations arise, as well as capture high-quality video evidence. Its rugged and durable design ensures your body-worn camera will provide high performance for front line teams in many sectors, such as security, retail or policing.

This Motorola body camera offers many customisation options, which allow personnel to configure their body worn cameras to complement their workflow. It also has the option to start recording before the start of a shift, to ensure no important video and audio footage is missed.

Easy to use body worn camera technology requires little to no training. Making it so front line teams can start gaining valuable insight and situational awareness from the get-go. By enabling real-time video sharing in emergency situations, this technology has the potential to significantly enhance response times and improve situational awareness.

Motorola solutions provide smarter incident response, which makes it easier to protect staff and assist them in aggressive or difficult encounters. Providing personnel with body worn cameras also helps guarantee that everyone is sticking to health and safety guidelines. The presence of a body-worn camera often helps to calm difficult encounters, as the culprits realise what they are doing is captured on video.

  • Shift-long battery life lasting up to 12 hours
  • Full HD recording in 1080p
  • Rugged build quality
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Peer-assisted recording, which helps capture evidence from multiple angles
  • Temperature and water resistant
  • Wide point of view recording capacity
  • Real-time video and audio streaming
  • Flexible and secure mounts accommodate different uniforms
  • Easy configuration
  • Pre and post record
  • Swift high quality video footage offload
  • Tracking of GPS location
  • Possibility for radio integration
  • Advanced and secure data encryption
  • Control keys to access videos
  • Body worn camera footage verification
  • Videomanager application to process evidence

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