Capacity Max

Capacity Max Trunked Radio System

Capacity, Coverage And Control

Supporting Up To 15 Sites With Up To 3,000 Users Per Site, It’s Easy For You To Grow And Change Your System As Your Needs Evolve With Mototrbo Capacity Max.

The Capacity Max architecture is optimised for high performance, high efficiency and graceful scalability, enabling instant, reliable voice and data communications, better decision-making and seamless coordination across a single campus or a large-scale operation. Powerful management tools give you complete control over the system – all from a single console. And you can be confident that you are investing in technology with global support.

Easy Migration
Capacity Max fits seamlessly into existing MOTOTRBO systems, allowing you to easily transition to Capacity Max via a simple, software update.

Increased Capacity, Smooth Scalability
Up to six additional data repeaters per site support intensive text and data use, GPS, SCADA and Alarm Management.

High Resiliency, High Availability
Capacity Max has many layers of redundancy, so that no single failure can bring your system down.

High-performance, Next Generation Digital Trunking
Control is centralised, but traffic routing is optimised to minimize cost and maximize performance. Features and applications such as Digital Emergency and Work Order Ticketing give you the tools you need to make your business successful.

Central Management for Complete Control
System management software gives you command of infrastructure, devices and talk groups, all organised in a logical way to make you more efficient and effective

High Security
All voice, data and control traffic within the IP network is encrypted, and all radios are securely authenticated. You can even remotely disable and re-enable a device if it is misplaced or stolen.

DMR Tier III Compliant
For customers who need a system that supports other vendors’ radios, Capacity Max can be run in DMR Tier III “Interoperability” mode with these features disabled.

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Job ticketing
job ticketing app

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