Case Study - Magdalene College Cambridge adopts leading RFID technology to track & trace all members of staff

Case Study – Magdalene College Cambridge adopts leading RFID Solution

Project Focus – Magdalene College, Cambridge 

Products UtilisedHytera RD625 Duplex Repeater Base Station, Hytera RFID Patrol System, Hytera MD785 Mobiles & Hytera PD415 Digital Two Way Radios



Located in the historical Cambridge, Magdalene College is on the northwestern side of the town centre, at the foot of Castle Hill. Steeped in history, the College has its origins in the year 1428 and has an eclectic mix of buildings, the architectural history of which is a fascinating story in itself.

Choosing a new solution to replace their ageing analogue two-way radio system was not a decision taken lightly by the team at Magdalene College, they needed to ensure that they had a reliable and flexible voice & data radio solution that would provide maximum return on their investment. Naturally, they turned to a local voice & data radio communication solutions partner, DCRS (based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire) who could provide them with the support they needed right on their doorstep.



Hytera PD415 handheld digital two way radioDCRS conducted a rigorous planning and design process prior to the decision being made which included advanced radio planning and RFID tag path profiling to confirm the solution would work around the required routes.

Due to the age of the building (Grade I), DCRS utilised their experience in this field to be mindful & respectful of the property in regards to the antenna installation by obtaining all the necessary permissions prior to the work commencing to ensure that the exterior of the listed building was not compromised.

The recommended repeater was the Hytera RD625 digital repeater which was ideal for an installation of this type, small enough not to be obtrusive in the environment it was in but powerful enough to cover the required coverage footprint.

The hand portable chosen was the Hytera PD415  – a small, robust & intelligent digital hand portable two-way radio which has been developed to specifically work with the Hytera RFID DMR Guard Patrol Solution. With embedded digital technology, the PD4 series produces outstanding voice quality, even in noisy college environments, and at the outer perimeters of radio coverage. Alongside the RFID system, a further request was made by the Magdalene College to activate the emergency button on the hand portable as an added element of protection for the Porters.

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The RFID tags were plotted in and around the Magdalene College grounds which now gives a guaranteed recording that all the porters have completed their checks and can be allocated to an emergency swiftly in accordance with their location making the team more efficient.

As the user starts their shift, they register their PD415 with their patrol identification card, logging them on to the patrol system. As the user passes a checkpoint along their patrol route, the radio is held against the checkpoint; this scans the location using the RFID technology.

Routes and timetables have been created using the Hytera patrol software by our Engineering team to allow for flexible changes to routes, whilst optimising them according to the changing workflow. For effective evaluation purposes, all monitoring data is recorded on the patrol software which can be accessed by the patrol system administrator this includes patrol personnel, checkpoints and patrol schedules for reportability and insurance mitigation purposes.

“We  strongly feel that with the cooperation and teamwork ethic of Magdalene College DCRS have achieved a voice & data radio solution that was sympathetic to the historical environment it was being utilised in, whilst having a state of the art system which will grow with their requirements.” Simon Weldon, Key Account Manager, DCRS Ltd.

Through the use of this cutting-edge, unified RFID technology Magdalene College Porters Team now have a voice & data radio communications system which is highly resilient and secure, whilst delivering seamless connectivity, and employee safety across their entire campus to ensure compliance with strict health & safety laws.


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