Vocovo Go System

Respond quickly to customer and colleague requests with two-way communication headsets offering lightweight robust, crystal clear communication.


Whether you’re looking to improve in-branch efficiency, save money, better serve customers, or help staff feel more connected – VoCoVo can make it happen.

These lightweight, robust headsets instantly connect teams across different aisles, floors, and even buildings.

The integration with other VoCoVo products, such as CallPoints and KeyPads, allows staff to hear and respond to messages such as ‘customer assistance required in click and collect’ or ‘pricing enquiry at checkout six’.

With crystal clear audio, these two-way communication headsets are designed around your business needs. They’ve had rave reviews from clients across retail, restaurants, warehousing, manufacturing, and events.

SKU: VCV2910

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Say goodbye to noisy tannoy announcements, multiple phone systems and clunky hardware. With VoCoVo, your team can receive calls, handle customer queries and communicate securely—all from one device.

Natural voice communication

Unlike walkie-talkies, we use full-duplex technology because it allows voice data to flow simultaneously in both directions. This means your team can listen and talk at the same time, just as they would face-to-face. Your warehouse manager can reach someone on the shop floor instantly and colleagues can get help from an expert in a different store effortlessly, without being distracted by dropouts or delays. When communication feels natural, it’s easy to focus on what’s important—the conversation.