UNIGATEWAY X WiFi Wireless Call Button

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UNIGATEWAY X WiFi Wireless Call Button

Two Way Radio App

Simply press to send alerts and requests via your UnigatewayX WIFI Wireless Call button to your Hytera and Motorola two way radios and mobiles, notifications can be sent to SMS and email with activated sirens/sounders.

The WIFI Wireless Call button links simply to the UNIGATEWAY X Software to control your alarm handling, and/ lone workers. With three stages of escalation, multiple push patterns, LED status ring and hundreds of uses.

Top Features Of The Wifi Wireless Call Button

  • Connect and go, with the straightforward alarm monitoring module
  • Integrates with emergency alarms, access systems and machinery
  • Notifications to DMR Radios, Radio Group, SMS, email
  • Lone Worker for up to ten users, with an event log
  • Fully Reportable Alert logging as a CSV file
  • No Licence or support fees

Push – The Smart Little Wifi Wireless Call Button

  • Three stage Escalation
  • 60ft (Dependant upon the infrastructure)
  • LED: Status Ring Indicator (White, Red, Green)
  • Three Push Triggers: Short, Double and Long Press
  • Batteries: 3x AAA (Included)
  • Batteries life: 12 months (Based on 10 presses a day)
  • Mount: Screw, Glue/Magnetic

*Network/LAN connection or additional hardware required.