Hytera VM550D Body-worn Camera

Hytera VM550D Body-worn Camera


hytera vm550d

Body-worn cameras are becoming commonplace in many sectors due to the importance of evidence recording and collection. Hytera’s remote video microphones (RVMs) seamlessly integrate a body-worn camera and remote speaker microphone, providing a simple way of upgrading your communication system to include video capture. The VM550D is the most rugged of Hytera’s bodycams and boasts impressive features such as night vision, internal backup battery and auto-video save upon sudden impact.

The VM550D weighs just 145g and is easily held, clipped or placed in your pocket. This makes it an ideal companion for evidence collection throughout your shift.

The VM550D is compliant with MIL-STD-810G and IP67 standards and is drop-tested to 2m, ensuring outstanding performance in harsh environments.

The VM550D is an all in one device, combining a body camera and a remote speaker microphone, eliminating the need for officers to carry multiple devices. It is equipped with a HD camera providing instant and accurate video recording and image capture for experienced operators.

When the removable battery is detached, the VM550D can still work for 5 minutes with the internal battery backup ensuring smooth operation.
Auto-video saving upon sudden impact – Upon a sudden impact, the VM550D will save the video being recorded and the video is marked as important evidence automatically.

In low-light conditions, the night vision feature will be activated automatically making scenes within 10 meters visible. This allows for round-the clock surveillance, day or night.

Hytera VM550D

  • Integrated Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
  • MIL-STD-810G and IP67 rated
  • 2″ colour display on rear of unit
  • Night vision
  • Internal backup battery
  • MicroUSB port
  • Emergency button
  • 720p video quality at 30/60 frames-sec
  • 1080p video quality at 30 frames-sec

Digital Evidence Management

The Hytera VM550D docks into a specially designed Multi-Unit Charger that automatically exports audio, video, images and log to the Digital Evidence Management (DEM) platform.  The Digital Evidence Management Platform collects and stores the digital evidence on a secure network. You can tag a file and locate it quickly through a simple keyword search. For data security, you can assign customised permissions for different users/ user groups.

Centralised Data Management

  • Cloud server for centralised storage with RVM automatic data upload
  • Logging system for evidence retrieval
  • Classify evidence files and correlate them with a specific case using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) location information
  • Capable of gathering and organising large amounts of data.  Rich interface, compatible with other systems
  • Balancing mechanism for reliability with redundancy backup
  • User authorisation for security


Multi-Unit Charger Benefits 


  • Charges six Hytera VM550D and six batteries simultaneously
  • Provides power indication, battery charging status, and data transmission indication
  • Auto export audio, video, photos and log files
  • Reprogram and upgrade the RVM with MDM via a USB Cable




Included Accessories

The Hytera VM550D comes with a range of accessories to support its function these include:

  • USB cable
  • Charger
  • Clip (rotatable)
  • Battery

Optional Accessories

  • Radio connection cable
  • Multi-unit charger
  • Earpiece
  • Wireless remote controller