Alarm Management

Alarm Management



Automatic, Intelligent Alarm Dispatch

Alarm Control Software is a two-way radio application that automatically dispatches safety and business critical alarms to your digital two-way radios and other mobile devices. If an alarm is raised the Alarm Control System will immediate identify the available employees and escalate the alarm until it is acknowledged, resolved and closed.

Efficient Alarm Management

The Alarm Control Software automatically dispatches messages to the right people at the right time. With its scheduling and escalation features, companies can rest assured that when an alarm is triggered, the right people will be notified immediately. ACS automatically routes a notification to employees according to the type of alarm that was triggered. For example, if a fire alarm is raised, a notification will be routed specifically to the fire response team. If the alarm is not acknowledged by the fire response team the notification will be escalated to the next designated employee or work group, ensuring that the alarm is managed.

Reliable alarm management allows organisations to ensure that incidents are responded to by the right people at the right time. The result: a safer work environment.

The result: A Safer Work Environment and Increased Productivity with Intelligent Alarm Handling

By configuring the flow of emergency and technical alarms, organisations can get the most from the available resources. This software removes the dependency on control room operators to monitor alarms, allowing them to concentrate on other activities.