Nationwide LTE / POC PTT Digital Radio Solutions

Nationwide PTT digital two-way radio network delivers clear and reliable group communications with almost unlimited range – all from a small, rugged hand portable radio.


DCRS can offer options of both outright purchase and hire on the Nationwide PTT Radio and Dispatcher Systems –  Unsure if Nationwide PTT Two Way Radio Over Cellular will work for you? 


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You can make half duplex calls between individuals and groups. Groups can be defined dynamically using the dispatcher. You can track and monitor your assets and people using the GPS positioning. Calls can be monitored and recorded for future reference. Dispatch and Command are centralised using a PC with an internet connection.



› Nationwide PTT allows you to communicate securely worldwide.
› Nationwide PTT long distance walkie talkies are on a digital and secure network, it cannot be scanned or listened in to giving you confidence that your calls cannot be intercepted.
› Nationwide PTT PC dispatcher software gives you the ability to record calls, create dynamic talk groups, stun / unstun terminals and track users via GPS.
› Historical GPS data can be replayed on a map to prove a user’s previous location.
› Nationwide PTT terminals available include a display, non-display and fixed mobile.
› All Long distance Nationwide PTT walkie-talkie devices can take a unique 4network auto switching SIM card or your own SIM card.
› A full range of audio and carrying accessories are also available from earpieces to carry cases.



Nationwide PTT Hand portable radios are all supported with GPS Dispatching Software, allowing for efficient dispatching of resources. Find out more below.


DCRS offer Nationwide PTT Radio Solutions from the major manufacturers listed below.

Icom IP501H LTE POC Radio



Icom’s LTE POC (Push to talk Over Cellular) radio system is designed to deliver the very best features from LTE and radio communications.


The IP501H uses 4G/LTE mobile phone network as its back bone infrastructure allowing communication outside of your traditional limiting RF radio coverage. This can include country and worldwide roaming to continue your conversations as if you were still around the corner. The PoC radio system will fall back to a 3G network if 4G is unavailable.



  • Nationwide Coverage Over 3G/4G/LTE Closed Private Network
  • Emergency button and emergency related features including Man Down function and lone worker function
  • Compact (95mm (H) x 59mm (W) x 26mm (D)) and lightweight (240g)
  • IP67 Waterproof rating (1 m depth for 30 min)
  • Vibration alert function notifies of incoming calls
  • Full duplex communication
  • Licence-Free solution
  • Bluetooth (Peltor PTT support)
  • GPS
  • High quality, clear audio
  • Voice message recording
  • Individual and group calls in full duplex…even without the use of accessories
  • Flexible monthly budgeting
  • Priority interrupt
  • 500 item address book




Icom’s PoC radio system allows you to communicate with your two-way radio system over a 4G/LTE closed private network. Now you can benefit from licence free nationwide coverage for your business without the use of repeaters thus reducing the cost of infrastructure and maintenance cost of a wide area radio network.


Icom’s PoC radio system provides full duplex nationwide area communication using a 4G/LTE closed private network and instantaneous communication with PTT operation. The closed system will operate from a private LTE mobile data network providing an extra level of security. ‘Individual calls’, ‘Group calls’ or ‘All calls’ can be made the same way as a conventional two-way radio.


The IP501H is the radio that is used in Icom’s PoC solution. The IP501H is a compact and powerful radio filled with many features suitable for business users. The radio handles both simplex and full-duplex communications and, in addition, also conference calls in large groups, much like a two-way radio. IP501H is one of the market’s smallest professional radios measuring only 95 mm high and weighs only 205 grams. The radio is IPX7 waterproof and can handle 1 metre of water depth for 30 minutes.

Icom LTE POC Brochure



The CP300 Nationwide Push to Talk of Cellular Portable Radio from iPTT is smart, stylish and easy to use, with the look and feel of a traditional two-way radio. It is a rugged hand portable, which can use a wide range of Kenwood K1 2 Pin accessories.



  • IP55 rating dust and splash protection
  • Robust, rugged and heavy-duty design
  • GSM 900/1800MHz, WCDMA
  • 900/2100MHz
  • 2800mAh high capacity Li-ion battery pack / Low battery alert
  • Voice Annunciation
  • Group call & private call
  • Call logs
  • Contact list
  • Time-out timer
  • GPS






iPTT provides the opportunity for you to track your employees and vehicles nationally and internationally. On the iPTT dispatch screen, you can track the devices in real time, to pinpoint where the device is. The iPTT dispatcher also provides historical data, showing speed as well as the route taken, ensuring you can optimise the utilisation of vehicles and people.



Should the vehicle break down, you can see the device isn’t moving and you can call the driver to ask for a situation report. Alternatively, the driver of the vehicle can call the dispatcher and ask for help. On the tracking screen, the dispatcher can clearly see exactly where the vehicle is and direct resources to get the vehicle moving as quickly.

iPTT brochure


samcom cp-300 brochure

andromeda images


The AD1 00-GPS Nationwide Smart Two Way Radio from Andromeda combines the speed, simplicity and ruggedness of a digital two-way radio handset with the geographical coverage of the nationwide 3G mobile phone networks. The Andromeda Nationwide PTT Radio is also supported by a wide range of accessories.



  • MILITARY SPEC RUGGEDNESS – Robust and weatherproof with IP54 ingress protection and MIL-STD 81 0F protection
  • MAXIMUM SIGNAL STRENGTH – Exceptionally sensitive external antenna improves connectivity in marginal coverage areas & indoors
  • EXTENDED BATTERY – Extra high capacity Lithium Polymer battery supplied as standard to last the whole shift
  • POWERFUL 1 WATT AUDIO – Never miss a message with four times the volume output of a typical mobile phone
  • LONE WORKER PROTECTION – Vulnerable workers can summon assistance through a dedicated emergency button





The Andromeda GPS tracking service is embedded within every hand portable radio. It displays workers real time locations on the dispatchers high-resolution map, allowing efficient dispatching of resources and a swift response to emergency situations.


  • RADIO STATUS DISPLAY – Instantly see whether a radio is switched on and ready to communicate, saving valuable time currently spent calling workers who have their radios switched off or are out of range.
  • ADVANCED CALLING – Maintain effective communications with a choice of calling types including one-to-one, channel and ad-hoc group. Callback requests notify the dispatcher that a worker requires attention.
  • EMERGENCY ALERTING – Give your workers peace of mind with the ability to instantly notify the dispatcher to an emergency situation. The radio callsign and location is immediately displayed for a fast response.
  • RECORDING AND AUDITING – Ensure legal compliance with call recording and audit logging. Playback historical messages and review activity logs to improve your organisations operational efficiency.
  • CENTRALISED CONTROL – Manage multiple events and roaming workers from the comfort of an office or control room located anywhere in the country. The a dispatch solution will work anywhere with internet access.




andromeda brochure


andromeda ad100-gps brochure

Run for all





Grounded Events Nationwide PTT Radio

Run for All

Run For All is part of the lasting legacy of the late amateur athlete and fundraiser Jane Tomlinson CBE. Working with the team on their events throughout Yorkshire and the Midlands. The organisers at Run for All hire in a range of digital two-way radio equipment to cover the length and breadth of their events.



Grounded Events

Established in June 2007  The Grounded Events Company Ltd is responsible for producing a number of successful, mass participation sporting events and other community initiatives. Most notably, the Brighton Marathon Weekend, which has established itself as a premier fixture on the UK’s sporting event calendar.


Each year over 16,000 participants take part in the Brighton Marathon Weekend across three events; Brighton Marathon, BM10k and the Mini-Mile Races. The city welcomes over 150,000 supporters who line the city streets and visit the bespoke beach-based Event Village next to Madeira Drive.


It is vital at an event of this nature that they are all in constant contact whether that be for a general communication message or for an emergency broadcast. DCRS recommended the Andromeda AD 100 Nationwide PTT and Dispatcher Software on a hire basis, this system links everyone together such as organisers, security and emergency services.



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