mototrbo next gen

Motorola announce that their MOTOTRBO products will be refreshed

The DP2000 Series; DP2400, DP2600. The DP3441. The DP4000 Series; DP4400, DP4401, DP4600, DP4601, DP4800, DP4801. The DM4000 Series; DM4000, DM4401, DM4600, DM4601. The SL4000 Series; SL4000, SL4010 will all be refreshed.

The newer versions of these products will keep same product numbers but with the addition of an ‘e‘ at the end of each model number. This means the new products will be listed as follows:

• The DP2000e Series: DP2400e, DP2600e
• The DP3441e
• The DP4000e Series: DP4400e, DP4401e, DP4600e, DP4601e, DP4800e, DP4801e
• The DM4000e Series: DM4000e, DM4401e, DM4600e, DM4601e
• The SL4000e Series: SL4000e, SL4010e


Integrated Accelerometers – optional chargeable extra of man down capabilities with licence key for DP4401e / 4601e / 4801e / 3441e, SL4000e / 4010e.

Improved GPS Positioning Wi-Fi Radio Update – in all new products apart from DP2000e series, a licence must be purchased to activate capability. Enhances future capabilities and application connectivity. With new Radio Management firmware remote software updates can be conducted meaning a central update location can be achieved.

Increased Memory – storage capacity has been doubled.

Up to 8% Longer Talk Range – DP2000e, DP4000e and DP3441e.

Up to 16% Coverage Increase – DP2000e, DP4000e and DP3441e.

SL4000e Series – Higher power mode at 3 watts, gains further reach and efficiency.

Extended Battery Life – new low voltage battery technology offers the DP4000e and DP2000e Series up to 27 hours battery life.

Increased Battery Portfolio – including an IMPRES battery for the DP3441e.

New Vibrate Alert – DP2000e and DP4000e Series using special battery and belt clip.

IP rating improvement – in DP2000e (IP55-IP67), DP4000e (IP57-IP68) and DP3441e (IP67-IP68) Series.

Improved Hazloc Portfolio – New DP2000e Hazloc radios and improved certification on the DP4000e Series.

Currently, the official launch of the refreshed products is scheduled during the first 2 weeks of May, 2016. The current portfolio of products is expected to be cancelled in May, 2016, with last delivery dates in October, 2016. DCRS will keep everyone updated as further details are released through this transition period.

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