This Marketing Privacy Policy has been updated on 25th May 2018.


DCRS uses your personal data in order to provide you with a better customer experience and ensure that the marketing material we send to you reflects your personal preferences.

In this Marketing Privacy Policy, we explain how we use personal data we collect about you for marketing purposes. This Marketing Privacy Notice contains the following information:

  • Why do you receive marketing from DCRS?
  • How do we use your personal data for marketing?
  • What kind of information about you do we use for marketing purposes?
  • How can you affect the marketing you are receiving?

For further information about DCRS personal data processing and your rights related to it, please see our Privacy Policy.


Why do you receive marketing from DCRS?

We send information about our products and services to existing customers whose contact information we have obtained over the course of our customer relationship with them. We may also send marketing emails to persons who have expressed an interest in purchasing DCRS products or services, or whom we believe to otherwise be interested in DCRS products or services.

We only send marketing to you if you have given us your consent to such marketing. Typically, such consent is collected when you register as a user to or sign up to receive information at an event.


If you no longer wish to receive marketing from DCRS, or you would like to update your marketing preferences, you can do so easily by following this link


How do we use your personal data for marketing?

We use your personal data in order to send you information about such DCRS services, partners, promotions and events that we believe may interest you. We may also use personal data to develop our websites and services and to measure the effectiveness of our marketing.


We keep your personal data for marketing purposes for as long as you want to receive marketing from us. If you decide to opt-out of or withdraw your consent to our marketing, we will no longer use your personal data for this purpose. If the data is not needed for some other purpose (e.g. to carry out our customer relationship), we will delete the data without undue delay.


We send marketing messages mainly by email, direct mail or by telephone.


What kind of information about you do we use for marketing purposes?

In order to provide you with marketing suited to your preferences, we need information on you. We collect this information directly from you as you use our services.


Your basic identification and contact details
This may include for example your name, company, telephone number, email address and other information that you provide us.


Information about your customer relationship with DCRS
We collect personal data when you purchase our products and services. This data may include for example information about your previous purchases of DCRS products and services, your billing information, information about DCRS events you have participated in, and feedback you have given us.


Information on how you use our website
We use cookies to collect data on how you use our websites and view our marketing emails. This may include for example information on which DCRS websites you have visited, how long you stayed on them, which items you clicked on and your IP-address.


What are cookies and how are they used on this website?

We use cookies on the Website to improve the Website’s functionality and to obtain information regarding visits to the Website.

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer’s hard drive which allow your computer to be recognized by the Website. We may use either cookies which save a file on your computer permanently (permanent cookies) or cookies which disappear when your browser is closed (session cookies).

With the help of cookies, we may collect information about, for example, your computer, IP address, operating system and browser type. This information generally includes data which does not allow individual identification of information relating to a specific user. If, however, we hold personal data about you, information collected by the use of cookies may be combined with such data.

Information gathered by cookies is used for statistical and analytical purposes such as maintaining statistics regarding the use of the Website, to conduct surveys in order to improve the Website and/or DCRS other products and services, to determine which parts of the Website are most popular, to provide information to third parties so that appropriate advertising may be directed to you, and to optimize the use of the Website. Cookies are also used to recognise you when you return to the Website in order to, for example, provide you with information related to your own interests.

We use third-party tools on this Website to enable features such as social media sharing. In some cases, these third-party tools will place a cookie on your computer and use tracking technology for the purpose of personalizing your experience or targeting advertising. These third-party cookies may include, among others, Google Analytics and Hot Jar. Please refer to the privacy notices of each cookie provider for more information on their privacy practices.

You may choose to refuse cookies and delete cookies by using the settings and features of your browser.


Information derived from your use of our services
With the help of the personal data you have given us and the information we have collected on how you use our services, we use google analytics to build up a profile based on your interests. These profiles are often based on online behaviour and population segments, such as age brackets, interests, studies and work experience. In certain situations, we may also combine this information with data provided to us by third parties.


How can you change your preferences on the marketing you are receiving?

You can easily withdraw consent our marketing messages by clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of each marketing email.

You can also alter your preferences, withdraw your consent and manage how we use your personal data by emailing us at

You may also choose to stop receiving direct marketing communications from DCRS at any time by sending notice of your decision to DCRS using the following email address


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