#Wirelesswednesday – iBeacon Updates for TRBOnet Software Announced


If your MOTOTRBO radio is equipped with GPS and Bluetooth modules (E Series Two Way Radios and Mobiles), you can quickly improve your capabilities by placing an optional card with TRBOnet Software installed. The latest version of the Software includes iBeacon TRBONet Capabilities:


TRBONet_screenshot_31.- Efficient Traceability in environments with iBeacons

Last year Motorola Solutions Application Partner TRBOnet designed an improved storage and traceability functionality for GPS solutions, which allows a detailed report of the positioning history of the radio. The same technology is now extended for locating in closed environments using iBeacons. The optional card stores all the positions with iBeacons that a radio user has passed and sends them to the TRBOnet dispatch console according to the desired frequency.



TRBONet_Screenshot_22.- External and internal traceability indistinctly

If your MOTOTRBO radio has both GPS and compatibility with iBeacons, the TRBOnet system allows detailed traceability both inside and outside, recording and updating the GPS information on the optional card according to the configured time.

3.- Handling of the Battery

The optional card can now also read the status of the battery and send it with the positioning info to the TRBOnet dispatch console.


We have recently supplied ibeacons and TRBOnet Enterprise Solution – read more here.


Technical Note:

  • The software is designed to work with both TRBOnet and Motorola’s generic option boards.
  • Motorola hand portables work with any iBeacons.
  • The status of the battery can be seen in TRBOnet Enterprise and Plus as of version


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