#446Friday – New Motorola Solutions Digital XT600d Series


The NEW Motorola Solutions XT600d Two Way Radios are ideal for organisations who understand that instant communication can be a competitive advantage. Designed to work at the speed of business, XT600d hand portable radios are packed with features that keep your team connected and productive.


Say more. Do more. Go digital.


Call a single person, a group, or the entire organisation at once with your two-way radios. Streamlining your communications with enhanced digital calling is easy. Remotely monitor your hand portable radios, send call alerts, and even disable radios if they’re lost. Remote management makes it easy. The Motorola XT600d Two Way Radios also come with a full keypad for text messaging, the ability to record and playback conversations, and crystal clear digital audio for flawless communication.

Use the XT600d Series in analogue mode with other comparable PMR446 walkie-talkie radios, so you do not have to upgrade the entire fleet at once.

The XT600d Series radios include:

  • XT660d: Analogue and digital PMR446
  • XT665d: Analogue and digital PMR446, plus LPD433



Target your conversations
You can target only the individuals or groups you need with an address book.


Better with text
Up to 128 characters per message.  Choose from up to 50 pre-programmable messages.


Capture conversations
The XT600d Series provides audio recording and playback capabilities.

Monitor and manage personnel
Monitoring remote personnel is critical if you want them to be safe and successfully perform radio checks or remotely disable/enable.


Loud and clear audio
With 1.5W audio output, the XT600d Series makes sure that conversations come in loud and clear.


Information at a glance
View incoming text messages, your contact list, caller ID, battery life, and signal strength on the brilliant LCD display.





Talk to DCRS about a free TEST & TRIAL of the Motorola XT600d Two Way Radios on site, without obligation. Simply contact Ash Robinson on 0800 043 2688 |