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Market Sector Focus – Super Yachts


How can VesselWatch streamline your super yacht two-way radio system?


Through a series of easy to manage apps, VesselWatch will strengthen your security and keep your staff, guests & vessel safer than ever before, allowing you to work in real-time by providing swift responses to any situation whether you are out at sea, or in a port.

VesselWatch will help you to work much more efficiently and ensure the maximum guest satisfaction. We understand that one box doesn’t fit all, therefore, this software application is adaptable to your working environment and can be tailored to suit your needs, fit your budget and solve your problems. We can support you no matter where you are in the world.





VesselWatch offers a series of alarm and monitoring applications. Developed to monitor & manage general onboard, lone worker, man down and adverse weather alarms to keep you and your crew safe, ultimately protecting & saving lives.



The safety of your vessel is paramount. With VesselWatch you will have a tool that can protect both crew and guests with remote control over; tender tow, multiple alarms, doors and lights, motion sensors and remote hand portable disable/shutdown.



Created to help your vessel run smoothly and improve efficiency; whilst keeping you in-line with current regulations. VesselWatch provides you with a suite of easy to use applications that lets you view at a glance and manage the activities of your crew and vessel with: a job timetable and task scheduling, downtime compliance monitor and report generator.



Unifying your communications is now achievable through VesselWatch. Now you don’t need to carry and maintain multiple devices simply switch between your UHF & VHF devices, receive real-time voice alerts with existing legacy & non-display radios and text directly from a smartphone/device to your fleet of hand portable radios.



Which products will VesselWatch work with?
















Talk To DCRS Today About How We Can Assist You with your Vessel Two-Way Radio Systems and Applications. Need Assistance With A Technical Matter?  We Are Suitably Qualified To Answer Any Questions You May Have. We Are Always Available Online To Chat With You. Alternatively, You Can Call Us On 0800 043 2688, Or Email Your Questions To Sales@Dcrs.Co.Uk



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