Farming Lone Workers

Farm Safety Week – How can your two-way radios protect your lone workers ?

As Farm Safety Week covers a wide variation of topics, they have one message to deliver – top tips on how to keep your staff and lone workers safe. Two-way radio does not rely on mobile phone technology and can transmit from almost anywhere; so you are not hindered by areas of poor or no network coverage.


Here at DCRS, we have worked with a wide variation of farms of all sizes so we have put together our Top 5 Tips on how you can maximise your radio system to ensure your staff benefit and your site is safe: 

1.  Always ensure your two-way radio is switched on, your battery is fully charged and is in good working order before you set off. If you are experiencing complications arrange for your unit to be serviced and ensure a loan replacement is issued whilst it is being repaired.

2. Enable a lone worker/emergency button – your two-way radio is capable of working as a personal alarm. With some simple programming, we can activate a lone worker function to request an acknowledgement to confirm you are OK or a dedicated panic button on your hand portables that will allow you initiate an emergency sequence.

3. Consider GPS Enabled Units –  no matter where you are your last known position can be seen through a dedicated PC/ Cloud Based Software. This can also assist in insurance mitigation.

4.  Utilise other features & functions that your radio can give you instead of multiple devices, such as  Text Messaging, Job Allocation or Phone calls. You can also connect into existing building alarms, machinery alarms, traffic machinery, open gates …. the list is endless, learn more here.

5. Multiple Sites – By utilising IP Site Connect we can expand your reach and connect all of your sites together to work as one.


Talk to us today about how we can assist you in meeting your health & safety criteria. Need Assistance With Your Radio System Or On A Technical Matter?  We Are Suitably Qualified To Answer Any Questions You May Have. We Are Always Available Online To Chat With You. Alternatively, You Can Call Us On 0800 043 2688, Or Email Your Questions To Sales@Dcrs.Co.Uk