RG Abrey Farms case study

Case Study – Yelspa Ltd Apsley Estate Invests In A Hytera SmartDispatch Solution

Project Focus – Agriculture 

Products Utilised – Hytera MD785G GPS Mobiles and Hytera Smart Dispatch Software Application  


In an agricultural environment many workers face lone working on a daily basis, therefore, when help is required they need to know that they can act fast to raise an emergency call. In rural areas where cellular networks can prove unreliable radio communications equipment can fill that void.

Farming is a dangerous profession, the HSE facts and figures demonstrate this:

  • The UK’s latest Workplace Fatal Injuries figures published on 04 July 2018 revealed that, of the major industry sectors, agriculture continues to have the highest number of deaths per 100,000 workers and the second highest number in absolute terms after construction.
  • Last year, out of 144 fatalities across all sectors, 29 rural industries workers died in accidents – two more than 2016/17 – according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).


Yelspa Ltd at the Apsley Estate required a tailor-made private radio communications system that would keep their 32 tractor fleet in constant communication across their 1150 acres.Image result for hyterA md785g

The system Yelspa Ltd favoured was the Hytera intelligent mobile and smart dispatch solution which answered every major communications dilemma they faced in their rural area.

The mobile radio they decided upon was the Hytera MD785G  Digital private mobile radio which is ideal for in-vehicle installations thanks to its rugged form.

With an emergency mode function provided as standard alongside the inbuilt GPS functionality location based services, this Hytera radio system now assists the estate in meeting their health & safety requirements, knowing they are covered with instant communication should a life threatening situation occur.



In addition to various voice and data services, the Hytera MD78X/78XG also provides:

  • Big keys for comfort and convenience which is ideal for when wearing gloves
  • TFT big colour display allowing good visibility in both strong and low light
  • A Rugged and robust unit – the Hytera mobile is compliant with MIL810F & IP54 requirements





Radio Infrastructure

The MD785G fixed mobiles installed in the tractors are supported by a permanently installed radio infrastructure comprising of a Hytera RD985 Repeater and desk-based SmartDispatch Solution to ensure every area of their coverage footprint is reached.  The Hytera RD985 Repeater offers reliability and power, this repeater delivers excellent coverage with up to 50W power and has 40-bit enhanced encryption as standard ensuring every transmission is secure.

The Yelspa Ltd Apsley Estate Hytera SmartDispatch Software Solution is the next generation of dispatching & location tracking technology, with no recurring monthly fee for data it instantly reduces operating costs. Compared to most GPRS-based solutions, Hytera SmartDispatch relies on the DMR communication network for GPS location instead of the GPRS protocol.


With its innovative routing service Hytera SmartDispatch has given the Yelspa Ltd team:

Hytera DMR DWS Dispatcher


  • The opportunity to provide a rapid response when emergencies occur
  • A Highly efficient resource deployment – dispatching employees with one click
  • Lowered their operating costs and increase productivity
  • Allowed them to assign jobs directly from their computer and monitor performance


This new Hytera digital radio system has maximised their agricultural production at the Yelspa Ltd Apsley Estate, in addition, the system assists them in meeting their health & safety requirements.





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