#Wirelesswednesday – Save Time & Money with an Alarm Handler



Here at DCRS we can offer two-way radio integration into your Alarm Systems.

Meaning you never miss a message and have a set escalation plan in place to ensure your trained personnel can ascertain the route of the alarm quickly & efficiently.


It is calculated that the Uk loses over £1 billion in GDP due to false alarms. An example of this is with fire incidents, throughout 2015/2016 the HSE reported of the 529,000 incidents attended by Fire and Rescue Services in England 40% (214,000) were false alarms. 

The cost saving this two-way radio controlled system would offer from just one prevented alarm would pay for the software, and you do not have to limit it to your fire alarms.

How can a voice and data notification system help your organisation? 

By integrating your alarm escalation procedure into your radio communication or mobile phone systems you will receive an instant notification to your hand portable radio or mobile phone device while you are on the move. It allows your designated user(s) to either halt an alarm escalation should you find it to be a false alarm or escalate it to the required level and begin emergency procedures.


What system do I need to have in place? 

DCRS can offer integration into Motorola MOTOTRBO and Hytera Radio Equipment and/ SMS.  Each message can have its own keyword such as:

  • Keyword FAULT dispatched to engineering
  • Keyword FIRE to trained fire personnel
  • Keyword STATUS OK, logged, but not sent

Notifications can be sent as voice only for non-display hand portables

Examples of what you can integrate into
  • Fire
  • Security
  • BMS/machine/technical
  • Lifts / Escalators
  • Alarm listeners – CST, MING, Crestron, AV/IT, HVAC, PRTG, OPC, ModBUS, CANBus, MTU, Consillium, RS232/422/485, HTTP, TCP/IP/UDP



Current DCRS Clients that have utilised an integrated their Voice & Data Systems to allow for a Two Way Radio Alarm Listener 

DCRS have supported clients throughout the Uk and Europe across a multitude of sectors including:

New Fetter Lane
Resorts World Birmingham
Chicken Shed Theatre
M.Y. Lioness V
John Lewis Brent Cross
University of Brighton
Weston College
Insitute of Cancer Research
IKEA Wembley



InteraX Alarm Monitoring brochure






Talk To DCRS Today About How We Can Assist You In Integrating Your On-Site Voice & Data Radio Systems. 

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