#Wirelesswednesday : From concept to reality – ‘Can my two-way radio _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _? ‘


Here at DCRS we are asked daily if a radio or mobile radio system can be developed and integrated into existing onsite processes.

Situated at our HQ we have a team of eager Engineers constantly developing new concepts to allow your radio system to work more efficiently for you, and deliver better value.

CHALLENGE – Unify onsite communications for Forklift Drivers

From the types of vehicle involved in accidents at work 24% of accidents are from fork lift trucks*

When a major client approached us to develop a solution to be installed into their forklift trucks we didn’t hesitate in agreeing.

There are strict HSE guidelines set out in regards to forklift trucks.The client sought to have one communications platform to allow main site staff and forklift drivers to broadcast messages / notifications while carrying out their job role in the safest possible manner.

DCRS Allstop fitted to Linde Fork lift


While looking at the design of the system it did take some ‘out of the box’ thinking, but DCRS came up with two separate solutions that worked simultaneously, on one radio communications platform.


Developed in-house the IP Rated ‘ALLSTOP’ allows the forklift driver to press one button which makes all other drivers stop immediately.

All forklifts have a high visibility light situated in the cab, and another mounted on the roof which notifies all drivers that the ALLSTOP is activated, this stops all vehicle movement in the vicinity until the initiator clears their ALLSTOP and work is then safe to recommence. The system has ensured that no worker is vulnerable when out of their forklift onsite.


By installing a PA Loudspeaker system into their forklifts working in conjunction with ALLSTOP, the driver can communicate with personnel outside of their vehicle. Utilising their MOTOTRBO DM4400 Mobiles** and associated PA equipment to broadcast messages across their work area it allows all team members to be fully aware of any issues and take appropriate action (these parameters can be adjusted accordingly to suit each site).


By enhancing a current onsite system, DCRS assisted in making their site a safer place to be.

Our client chose to put this operational system into their onsite safety training manuals, to ensure all staff adhere to the set protocols. DCRS can assist you with installing or modifying the above to work in line with your onsite safety systems.

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