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Meet your team’s missing link with VoCoVo’s latest product! 

Improve team communication, boost efficiency, improve staff engagement and minimise theft and antisocial behaviour.

At DCRS our focus is on empowering colleagues and enhancing the customer experience through instant voice communications. We want to introduce you to VoCoVo Link. 

VoCoVo Link is designed for small teams, bringing them together via wireless communications. VoCoVo Link will help your team to collaborate instantaneously while they work.

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Why is VoCoVo the communication choice of many?

VoCoVo communication systems and headsets are used and trusted by businesses everywhere. For small-sized teams, VoCoVo introduces the perfect headset system solution, VoCoVo Link.

VoCoVo headsets are used in many big retail businesses but are also the choice of many small independent businesses across the country as they provide seamless communication and they are an ideal solution to keep teams connected.

VoCoVo Link - VoCoVo Headset System

NEW VoCoVo Link | RRP £700 + VAT

So, what’s in the box?

Everything you need to know, to set up and go…

Charging Dock:

The go-to storage from you VoCoVo Link headsets ad removable Hub. The dock also charges your headsets so they’re always ready for the next shift. 

VoCoVo Link System A.K.A the Hub:

The Hub wirelessly connects your Headsets to keep your team connected on the go. Each Hub has a range of 100 metres and can be strategically placed to provide you with the best coverage.

4 x Series 5e Headsets with headbands:

Designed around feedback from retail teams, the lightweight and discreet Series 5e Headsets connect your teams instantly with crystal-clear conversations while they work. 

Free Demonstration:

We will provide you with a free demo so you won’t be a stranger to using the VoCoVo Link.

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VoCoVo Link

Key Features of VoCoVo Link:

  • Connect up to 8 users at a time
  • 10 minutes setup time
  • 40 hours standby time
  • Comfortable
  • Cost efficient 

How does VoCoVo Link work? 

VoCoVo Link headset connects everyone on your team with lightweight, comfortable VoCoVo Headsets. This VoCoVo headset system is a 4-user system for communication.

When a team member starts their shift, they simply grab a Headset from the Dock, put it on and adjust it for their comfort, then touch the round button to talk to their whole team on a secure voice conference. Everyone can communicate just like they’re standing next to each other, no matter where they’re working – indoors, outdoors, on the shop floor or in the back room.

Thanks to full-duplex technology and VoCoVo’s retail-specific environmental noise cancelling, conversations are always easy and natural because their Headsets deliver nothing but an instant, crystal-clear voice. This is backed up by their own, retail-specific environmental noise cancelling.

At the end of the day, teams return their Headsets to the Dock, so they’re charged and ready for the next shift.

VoCoVo Link - VoCoVo Headset System

VoCoVo clients benefit from 

According to research, customers are 300% happier with their in-store experience when stores use VoCoVo. 


Scaleable & easy to install

A modular system that can be tailored to your business’ needs, and grow with you as a company.



There is no more loud tannoy announcements, nor are there any open frequencies.


Connect your estate

Connect stores to each other, and share messages through the head office apps.


Pays for itself

Customers data shows that on average the cost of purchasing VoCoVo is covered within 3 months.


API ready

Integration with any service and device is possible, providing you have an API.


Natural conversations

Real time conversations help avoid miscommunications between team members.

Want to find out more about VoCoVo Link?

This product will be available to buy in the coming weeks, but if you’d like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 043 2688 or at sales@dcrs.co.uk.

Need a VoCoVo Headset Solution immediately?

VoCoVo has also other headset systems that are used by most retail and hospitality giants. View other available VoCoVo communication solutions below.

VoCoVo Link is here for all small teams!

Here’s why small teams love VoCoVo

Teams love it because their customers do! Customers love fast and efficient service from a connected team that works well together and provides outstanding customer service. With VoCoVo Link you can guarantee:

  • Faster customer service
  • A calmer environment
  • Happier customers
  • Focused teams

Instant communication and connection allow teams to feel happy, safe, and supported while they are at work. With VoCoVo Link, your business will benefit from:

  • A safer workplace
  • Happier teams
  • Increased productivity

Your business will thrive from improved productivity from dedicated in-store communications, being easier to use than a mobile phone with fewer distractions, you can expect:

  • No costly distractions
  • Retail-ready tech
  • Dedicated support and professionalism

 All VoCoVo Headset Communication Solutions

VoCoVo Headset Systems are trusted by:

Customer Logos

VoCoVo headset systems are a simple, scalable solution with modular components designed specifically to be flexible for your workforce and customer facing teams. Many retailers and restaurants, including ASDA, Halfords, Co-Op and TGI Friday (to name a few), use VoCoVo team communication headsets to maximise staff productivity and efficiency. VoCoVo solutions are perfect for customer facing teams when you need to have crystal-clear and full-duplex voice conversations on the go and have been built off of true plug-and-play functionality no complex setup or installation required. 

Why do businesses choose VoCoVo to improve their customer experience? How important do you think it is to match or even better the customers’ expectations on waiting times? We know that queues cause frustration for customers and also understandably don’t want to wait around for longer than they have to. Quick communication is essential to providing an excellent customer experience such as resolving those queues.

VoCoVo is a solution which can be built around a team and scaled alongside its growth. VoCoVo Link (the newest VoCoVo product) is perfect for smaller teams but can scale as your team grows. 

Trusted by leading tier 1 retail and restaurants

Don’t take our word for it here’s what tier 1 users say about the VoCoVo.

” Each checkout as now a back over keypad installed which links are clicked colleagues headset allowing for two-way communication between checkout colleagues and service hosts” 

Steve Edwards – Senior Manager – ASDA

VoCoVo allows us to work on customers cars outside while still being fully connected to the rest of the team it’s completely changed the way we work ” 

Tom James – Store Manager – Halfords

Need help to choose the perfect VoCoVo headset system for your needs?