Tips For Working With Your Radio Company Remotely

Tips For Working With Your Radio Company Remotely

Whether you are a small or large organisation opting for remote radio support services can make a lot of sense, and in the long run, save you money.

You should consider remote radio support services if you have:

  • A radio system which is heavily relied on especially when being used in the public domain such as a university, airport, shopping centre or multi-storey building for example
  • You have radio systems running across multiple locations which are connected
  • You have a range of different software and hardware devices in use


Our remote radio support services are not only supporting you over the phone but we are also able to remotely take control of your voice & data radio system within a few clicks and fix any problems that arise.  During our remote repair session you will be able to observe everything live whilst we solve your radio system/software issues, this process helps keep you, our client in complete control. In the instance that we cannot rectify the issues, we will dispatch a system engineer to site.

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DCRS are accredited to Cyber Essentials and work through systems which are supported by leading virus & management software.




1. Think about your requirements

You need to understand and articulate your organisation’s support needs clearly before committing to a support package – Does your team need both phone and email support with fix suggestions or would you prefer immediate remote access be given to rectify the situation in the shortest amount of time?  Think about how your staff would prefer to receive help; your support package can be tailored to your exact requirements.


2. Set your boundaries and manage expectations

A remote support service should support flexibility and mobility in your workplace.

Having remote support services doesn’t automatically mean round-the-clock support is covered under your agreement.  We have packages that can be tailored to your workforce & business environment and can include 24/7, 365 cover.


3. Invest in staff training

By engaging remote support services doesn’t mean that you can neglect your staff’s training in the voice & data radio system. Why? Because human error is a leading cause of both standard and severe radio system failures.

By offering training to your employees for your systems and devices you will ensure the safe use of your voice & data radio solution. DCRS can provide on-site training for all staff if required.


The strongest relationships are built on good communication and here are DCRS we are here to support you to get the most out of your investment. Talk to us today about your remote support options – 

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