Step into the future with ICOM

Looking for a radio communication device with a difference?

Introducing the new ICOM LTE POC Radio System. Using a 4G/LTE or network, the ICOM Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) radio system provides license free nationwide communication and instantaneous high-quality full duplex operation. The PoC system uses the mobile phone network thus reducing the cost of building and maintaining a wide area radio network. Designed to deliver the very best features from LTE and radio communications.

The best of both worlds
Icom’s PoC radio system provides full duplex nationwide area communication using a 4G/LTE closed private network and instantaneous communication with PTT operation. The closed system will operate from a private LTE mobile data network providing an extra level of security. ‘Individual calls’, ‘Group calls’ or ‘All calls’ can be made the same way as a conventional two-way radio.

The IP501H is the radio that is used in Icom’s PoC solution. The IP501H is a compact and powerful radio filled with many features suitable for business users. The radio handles both simplex and full-duplex communications and, in addition, also conference calls in large groups, much like a two-way radio. IP501H is one of the market’s smallest professional radios measuring only 95 mm high and weighs only 205 grams. The radio is IPX7 waterproof and can handle 1 metre of water depth for 30 minutes.

Key features:

  • Nationwide roaming Sim across O2, EE and Vodafone
  • No OFCOM licence requirement
  • Flexible monthly budgeting available
  • High quality, clear audio
  • Built-in Bluetooth and GPS
  • Voice message recording
  • Vibration alert function notifies of incoming calls
  • Compact and Lightweight Body
  • IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof
  • Interconnect between IDAS and IPI00H Systems
  • One to one private calls, group calls or call to all with full duplex
  • Emergency button
  • Lone worker and man down function
  • Secured using a private APN`
  • Redundant servers and 24 X 7 Support

Benefits of PoC-Radio

  1. Secure/Closed System: Users in the system are located in protected and separate clusters that are unrelated to each other or the Internet. This provides a safe and secure solution for your organisation
  2. Priority: In the network, you can have different priority groups of users, which means that you can break or just enter an ongoing conversation when there is urgent information to share
  3. Conference Call: In this system you can create groups of users. You can choose whether it should be duplex or simplex communication in a group
  4. Emergency Features: The IP501H PoC Radio is equipped with an emergency button and emergency related features including Man Down, motion detector, inactive movement and lone worker function. The alarm can then be sent to an individual, group or text.
  5. Full duplex/hands free communications: Full duplex communication can be a strong reason to choose an PoC radio system as a platform. This works both within a group and between individuals
  6. GPS Positioning: Thanks to built-in GPS in the IP501H you can have regular or alarm-related positioning of the handsets/radio in the system
  7. Accessories: The IP501H has an extensive range of accessories designed for different market sectors.
  8. Radio Coverage: The 3G/4G mobile phone network today covers almost 100% of the UK population, which is a total contrast to traditional radio system where there may be a lack of coverage

Key market sectors

  • Event Management – Event companies that continuously move from site to site but don’t have the time to invest in infrastructure but only need radio communications, regardless of where they are
  • Security – Security companies that operate on numerous sites and want a flexible communication system but don’t want to invest in infrastructure
  • Logistics and courier companies – The ICOM PoC radio is a perfect communications platform for a logistics company, providing an incredible range and a simple communication solution at a reasonable cost
  • Hotel and conference centres – Hotel and conference centres are in many cases large, complex sites which may suffer from drop outs or dead zones with a normal radio system
  • Sports Events/Sports Associations – Excellent option for sports events that cover long distances and need communication. Also works if you plan to compete abroad
  • Rail Network – A PoC radio system can assist in providing smooth operation for maintenance, operations, guard services and security departments across a regional rail network

Swap your current radios for the latest technology on the market, talk to us today about switching to ICOM and download the brochure here for more information.