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You have little or no warning that an emergency situation is about to happen, it’s, therefore, essential to be prepared – Meet UnigatewayX and view a live demonstration at this years Security in Further & Higher Education Conference.


The safety of your staff, pupils and visitors, plus the security of your facility depend upon a swift response. UNIGATEWAY X alarm handler provides a simple solution for the higher education sector. Should a scenario occur you’ll be able to react quickly and calmly, discover false alarms, commence your phased evacuation or lockdown, locate a lone worker all with the minimum of panic and maximum efficiency.


Connecting to your fire alarm, intruder alarm, BMS and call buttons, UNIGATEWAY X alarm handler immediately relays notifications to you and your team in real time. Automatically, following your predetermined alert strategy, warnings are sent to the right people at the right time for the quickest response – saving precious seconds.


There are no requirements for additional devices, UNIGATEWAY X utilises the reliable radio network for communication delivery, notifications can be sent through to your digital two-way radios and even via  SMS to smart devices. Now with terminal alert, send discreet messages in the form of a pop-up window on workstation screens. This will appear, no matter what other programs they are using at the time, the message cannot be ignored – you can rest assured that the notification will not be missed.


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The UnigatewayX is a modular software solution that allows you to add as little or as many of its capabilities as you would like. We can also offer a bespoke R and D  service to tailor the system to your exact requirements.

UnigatewayX connect your alarms


Easily integrates with emergency and essential alarms, to deliver critical information.

Simply connects to fire alarm systems, intruder alerts, BMS and technical/machine alarms.

Connect, control and monitor your access systems; open gates, barriers and doors by sending pre-set radio messages from your two-way radio.



UnigatewayX Lone worker


Protect your workforce that work alone.

Automatic ‘alive checks’ sent at regular intervals, no response and an alert is raised.

Send a keyword text from your two-way radio to automatically start and stop the one Lone Worker timer
Simple activity report.



UnigatewaX escalate your way


Assistance in Partial Lockdown, Progressive and Full Lockdown Options.

Initiate quickly and swiftly without hesitation.

Link to multiple devices such as two-way radio to initiate lock down with no time wasted on.

Connect with door access control solutions onsite.

Detail in your lockdown policy and risk assessments.



Unigateway alert your devices


Two-way radio – Hytera or Motorola DMR Radio.

Email – Network connection required.

Workstation alert – Essential alarm notifications pop-up on PC’s and terminals.

Taking priority over the screens current contents. Smartphone – SMS text message requiring D-Link USB Dongle and SIM card.


UnigatewaX escalate your way


Build your own tailored three stage alert strateg.y

Send a key word text from your two-way radio, mobile phone, call button press etc to automatically start the alarm escalation.

Automatically contact who you choose in the correct order of priority.

Enjoy the peace of mind that an alert will not be missed.



UnigatewayX Save your resources

Full message detail, respond directly to the source of the incident in the quickest possible time.

Discover false alarms, avoid unnecessary downtime and evacuation.






Smart, wireless call button. Simply send alerts and requests to Hytera & Motorola radios, Mobile phones, emails and workstations.

Long and short press for different message, with LED feedback ring for confirmation.

Install into accommodation, low footfall areas such as corridors, toilets and  communal places such as common rooms.

What can DCRS Voice & Data Radio Communication Systems offer you?

Our voice & data radio communication solutions range from providing advice only to the delivery of specific technical radio communication systems. In all cases, they are underpinned by well researched, strategic thinking, and leading-edge technical expertise within the Higher Education market sector. Across our portfolio of two-way radio products & services there is one thing in common: We treat every project as a unique engagement. Providing you with a reliable, robust and efficient radio communications system which can unify all of your site(s) processes.


DCRS offer our services across HireSales, Service and Maintenance, and Consultancy Services.  All of the voice & data two-way radio equipment or applications and solutions that DCRS supply meet with current industry standards and OFCOM radio licensing regulations.


Our client portfolio of work is a testament to our focus not just on getting things right, but also to meeting our higher education clients’ voice & data communication requirements with something better than they thought possible.

Who do we work with?

Examples of DCRS Higher Education Clients that utilise our voice and data radio communication products for staff and pupil safety and security

University of sheffield

Regents University London

Edinburgh Napier

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