Icom IP501H

Question Time – The ICOM LTE Radio System

You may have already seen the latest information about our innovative LTE radio system and have questions. We list below a range of questions to the answers that we hope will provide a greater understanding of our innovation new system.

  1. What is the Icom LTE Radio system? 
    The Icom LTE Radio system is a private radio system that operates utilising 4G/ LTE. The LTE radio system will fall back to a 3G connection if 4G is unavailable.
  2. What is the coverage range of the Icom LTE Radio system? 
    A UK based customer will have coverage throughout the UK utilising EE, Vodafone and O2. As EU roaming tariffs are the same across the continent, you should have equal coverage in EU states at no additional charge. Outside of the EU, a roaming agreement is available. Please contact Icom UK for more details.
  3. How does the Icom LTE Radio system work?
    A central cloud based server controls traffic. The radio gains access to the server via a secure private 4G/LTE network connection.
  4. Can I use my own SIM card in the radio?
    No, Icom UK will supply a custom SIM card. Each SIM has its own custom configuration and will only work with an Icom UK supplied device.
  5. Can I use Icom’s Data SIM to connect to the internet?
    No, the supplied SIM will allow a connection direct to Icom UK’s secure cloud server and can only be used with an Icom supplied device.
  6. Can radio receivers/scanners listen to my calls?
    No, this is a data device, only devices in a user group connected through our private secure cloud server can communicate with each other.
  7. Do I require a radio licence to operate the radio?
    No, the IP501H is licence free to operate.
  8. Does the Icom LTE Radio system require airtime?
    Yes, there is a monthly rate which includes server connection. This can be purchased over 2 or 3 years.
  9. Will the IP501H communicate in areas without 4G/LTE/3G signals?
    The IP501H will work down to 2G. As the IP501H is a data device and uses EE, Vodafone or 02, coverage is extensive.
  10. What type of calls can I do with the IP501H?
    The IP501H operates exactly like a traditional radio. Placing an ALL, GROUP and/or INDIVIDUAL Call are all available options.
  11. Who can I talk to?
    This is a private radio system. Users can only communicate with individuals that have been programmed into their talk group/ groups.
  12. Can the IP501H communicate with other devices?
    The IP501H can be connected through Icom’s ROIP gateway to allow connections to SIP phones, analogue radios, like Aviation or Maritime and conventional PMR, + IDAS digital radios and can direct a call connection to specific cell phone users.
  13. What is Full Duplex?
    The IP501H had full duplex capability. This allows users to talk and listen at the same time – similar to a telephone. Traditional 2-way radios are simplex where each person has to wait until other party finishes and release the PTT button before speaking.
  14. Does the IP501H have safety features?
    Yes, the IP501H has Priority Calling, Man-down, Lone Worker & Emergency Signalling.
  15. What other features are built into the IP501H?
    These radios are Waterproof, have built-in GPS and Bluetooth, a Vibrate Alert, Voice Message Record and predefined Text Messages.
  16. Is there a dispatch/management system available?
    A dispatcher manager which will allow you to monitor and keep in touch with your team via PC will be available in the foreseeable future.

For more information in regards to the ICOM LTE Radio system, please feel free to call DCRS on 0800 043 2688 or send an email to sales@dcrs.co.uk