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VoCoVo “GO” System 5 Unit

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Designed to work out-of-the-box, the VoCovo “GO” system can provide users with instant team communications to immediately enhance customer experience. The VoCoVo base unit creates the wireless communication network which connects headset users via virtual conference – simply connect the base unit to mains power, switch on the headsets and start talking!

A VoCoVo “GO” system can accommodate up to 29 users from one base unit, and is ideal for small retail outlets, garden centres, leisure facilities and restaurants. The modular multi-unit charge rack is used to store inactive headsets – once a unit is placed into the charger, it switches to standby mode.

The VoCoVo “GO” system connects and empowers employees with the latest conferencing technology, transforming business through the magic of voice.

Standard package:

VoCoVo “GO” Package, Includes

  • 5 x Pro Headsets
  • 5 x Headbands
  • 1 x IP20 Base Unit
  • 1 x 5-Way Charger

Additional options:

  • VoCoVo handset
  • VoCoVo repeater
  • Additional VoCoVo headbands/earhooks
  • Additional VoCoVo ear cushions
  • Additional VoCoVo multi-unit charge rack


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