Solar Powered Remote Control Call Points

Solar Powered Remote Control Call Points


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DCRS have developed within our R & D department solar powered remote control points that can be linked to external Tannoy / PA Address / Evacuation Announcements and can be utilised with Barrier Systems for Voice Communications.

DCRS can design, install and maintain this solution for you on your site.

The solar powered remote control call points can:

• Be used as a Local PA/Megaphone point to make live announcements to the public – The Horns are split in to two separate groups

• Make announcements to two separate Zones e.g. upper and lower level of a car park. The Audio level for each Zone can be set individually

• Be utilised as a Radio Point with direct Radio link to Control only

• Be used as a remote PA point for both Live and Recorded announcements to the Public

Additionally, to further increase functionality you can utilise this alongside Radio Applications such as the Dispatcher Application System. Using it to send pre-recorded announcements, either by a scheduler or by preconfigured on screen buttons.

This enables remote call points to operate without the need for mains wiring, enabling a wider range of positioning possibilities.