Hytera RD985 S



hytera rd985

Professional DMR repeater for large radio networks

The Hytera RD985s Repeater is an impressive DMR digital systems repeater. Supporting conventional analogue and digital modes, it can also be used in DMR trunked radio systems (Tier III), and with up to 50W power is responsible for delivering excellent coverage in DMR simulcast and Hytera XPT systems.

The Hytera RD985S repeater can be operated in analogue and digital mode and are completely compatible with analogue systems currently in use. In addition, the RD985S is a true all-rounder. As well as DMR trunked radio (Tier III), it also supports use in Hytera XPT and simulcast radio systems. Developed according to the open ETSI DMR standard and, thanks to its technical features, the RD985S is your perfect companion to deliver a professional digital radio network.

The heart of professional radio systems
All the repeaters from Hytera can be connected in digital mode via IP connection to a comprehensive radio network. In analogue mode, the repeaters can be connected together back-to-back. Both in conventional analogue and DMR modes (DMR Tier II), the Hytera RD985 and RD985S repeaters can be used with the Hytera RD625 and Hytera RD965 repeaters in a radio system.

Upgradeable for greater challenges (RD985S)
The RD985S repeater supports not only conventional analogue and digital modes, but also other modes that can be unlocked with a chargeable licence. It can be upgraded into a base station for DMR simulcast, DMR trunked radio (Tier III) or Hytera XPT radio systems. This means that the RD985S is a secure investment for growing radio projects.

Improved utilisation of the frequency spectrum
Thanks to the TDMA technology, twice as many users can use the same channel. Due to restricted frequency resources, this represents an important relief and reduces expense for system terminals and licences.

Dual mode and automatic change
Both repeaters can switch independently between the digital and analogue modes, depending on the type of the receiver signal.

Secure communication
To protect your radio communications, the Hytera DMR RD985 and RD985S repeaters offer advanced digital encryption functions, according to the DMRA specification. Depending on the variant, both repeaters support encryption with 40, 128 or 256 bit.



High transmitting power
Both repeaters oer an adjustable transmitting power of up to 50 watts and therefore satisfy the high requirements for modern PMR radio systems.

Extremely reliable
As they are designed to military standards, both repeaters offer consistently high reliability and excellent performance. Test results from independent laboratories have shown that the device can be operated for up to 100,000 hours without interference (MTBF) and it therefore meets the requirements for use in extreme situations.

Flexible installation options
The RD985 and RD985S repeaters can be installed in a 19-inch equipment rack with an optional installation kit. Alternatively, they can be
operated simply on a rack, a bracket or a table. With the additionally available installation kit, an optional duplexer can be housed in the chassis.

High cooling capacity
The power amplifier can dissipate any generated heat with extraordinary efficiency. In addition, the integrated fan system ensures stable
and powerful operation.