Hytera PD795 Ex

Hytera PD795 Ex Atex


hytera pd795 ex

Intrinsically-safe digital two-way radio

Offering safe, reliable communications, the Hytera PD795 Ex handheld digital radio with screen and full keypad has been designed to meet the European Atex directives, FM standards and IEC standards, perfect for tough environments that require advanced, intrinsically-safe devices.

Besides meeting the requirements of the European ATEX and IEC Directives, as well as the North-American FM standard, these two-way radios are compliant with the MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F/G standard and are dust and water-resistant to protection class IP67. Both radios are therefore rugged and long lasting to keep up with you in tough conditions.

Fail-safe design
The use of batteries or accessory components with a lower level of protection automatically triggers an alarm so that errors of this type cannot occur. A full intrinsically safe accessory portfolio is available to improve your user experience.

Meticulous encapsulation
The PD795 Ex batteries are encapsulated, so that all internal switches are protected from, and sealed against hazardous explosive gases and dust particles.

High-strength LCD protective cover (PD795 Ex)
The high-strength LCD protective cover is extremely scratch-resistant and can even withstand being struck by a 1-kg hammer.

Innovative battery latch
The patented battery locking system ensures that if the radio falls onto a hard surface, the battery cannot detach.

Integrated GPS as standard
The integral GPS module means that both radios are able to send location data to a dispatcher system. Dispatchers can evaluate this information and use functions such as geofencing, radio localisation and GPS tracking to improve safety and wellbeing.

Upgradeable software
Upgradeable software future proofs your purchase an enables further updates. Access enhanced encruption and Hytera DMR Trunking (Tier III) via chargeable licenses.

In-built safety features
As well as GPS location services, both radios also oer lone worker, man down and emergency mode to help safeguard the workforce.


  • Various operating modes, choice between conventional analogue or digital radio (DMR), as well as MPT, XPT and DMR trunked radio.
  • Versatile voice calls: Individual call, group call, broadcast call, emergency call
  • GPS functions (retrieving and sending location data)
  • Data services (text messages, group text messages, control of the radio via API)
  • Various analogue dialling methods (HDC1200, DTMF, 2-tone and 5-tone dialling, squelch procedure/tone call CTCSS/CDCSS)
  • Supplementary services, radio check, remote monitor, call alert, radio disable/enable
  • Different menu languages available (PD795 Ex)
  • One-touch functions (incl. text messages, voice calls and supplementary services)
  • Scanning
  • Automatic cell re-selection (roaming) in IP multi-site systems
  • Secure encryption with encryption algorithm ARC4 (40 bit) in accordance with DMRA or with optional algorithms AES128 and
    AES256 (128 and 256 bit)