Motorola Solutions WAVE: How DCRS have assisted SMS Smarter Metering in keeping in touch with the mobile teams throughout the UK

Direct Communications Radio Services (DCRS) have been working with Smarter Metering Services Limited for several months and recommended the Motorola WAVE PTX solution to be implemented into their company. This would help to bridge the gap in communication between the office and field staff using Motorola Solutions WAVE .

Project Focus – Utilities

Projects Utilisted: Motorola Solutions WAVE

Missions/Challenge: To employ a system that would be fast and effective so that jobs can be allocated and undertaken on time.

Result: Smarter Metering Services have now implemented the WAVE system to their out of hours services as well and used across all levels of the business and continued this process with DCRS.

Why choose WAVE PTX

The utilities sector can be dangerous especially when engineers are working near gas and electricity. A lot of the time workers may find themselves on a job alone, particularly during COVID-19, therefore a reliable instant communication tool is essentially to this line of work.

Smarter Metering Services Limited its sister Company, Gas Emergency UK Limited have been using the WAVE two-way system for several months now, which was recommended by DCRS, creating an effective communication between the office and our field staff. As a business, they serve the utilities sector dealing with any gas or electricity issues, from installations to maintenance, both planned and reactive works. They have recently mobilised a contract dealing with reactive Gas Emergencies, these jobs require a 3-hour response Service Level Agreement target from call to site attendance.

Tom Ward, CEO of Smarter Metering Services & Gas Emergency UK said “the WAVE system allows us to operate a fast-effective way to allocate these jobs and enable us to reach our engineers at the press of a button, nationally, this then ensures we arrive on all jobs within our contractual obligations. Following weekly communication with all teams, positive feedback has been given to the WAVE system and this has now been introduced to our out of hours services. This is used through all levels within our business, ensuring our Management Team not only have eyes on the ground, but also have ears!

As a nationwide company this allows our engineers to promptly communicate with each other during engineering operations, this recently proved successful whilst attending a large scale ‘off gas’ emergency in Scotland for SGN. The system allowed us to reinstate consumers gas supplies fast and effectively limiting long delays, although our teams were on the scene in Falkirk, the operation restoration was actually controlled by our Dispatch Operations Centre in Newmarket, Suffolk, some 380 miles away.

We have found that the system has helped us to engage our team, both in and out of hours allowing us to be able to give immediate support and advice to all”.

What is the WAVE PTX system all about?

Accelerate the flow of information within your organisation and increase productivity with secure, affordable push-to-talk. WAVE is a network independent multimedia communication subscription service that instantly connects your team at the push of a button. Group communication can now include those who rely on smartphones and broadband devices as well as two-way radios.

As the workforce becomes increasingly dispersed, employee collaboration and knowledge sharing gets harder. Businesses are turning to technology for help and Motorola Solutions has launched WAVE to bridge the gap. WAVE is a subscription-based Push-to-Talk (PTT) group communication service which instantly connects teams across different devices, networks, and locations. With WAVE, you have the technology to focus on what matters: streamlining employee workflows, improving team productivity, and driving positive business results. See below the different WAVE products that DCRS have on offer:

Motorola Solutions WAVE WAVE Radio TLK 100

Motorola Solutions WAVE TLK 100

The new WAVE broadband radio is here! All the ruggedness, reliability, and instantaneous Push-to-Talk (PTT) capabilities you would expect from a Motorola Solutions device with the added benefit of operating on a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi® network right across Europe. It is ready to go wherever your workers do and delivers distraction-free voice communication. Perfect for multi-site mobile workgroups.



Get your team up and running quickly. Combine the broad coverage of a Europe-wide broadband network with the ease of push-to-talk radio communications. Safely operate while driving with one button push-to-talk. Manage talk groups and subscriptions in real time. Increase coverage, connections, and productivity without expanding infrastructure. There’s no costly or time-consuming spectrum licensing, or manual programming required.

WAVE mobile app broadband PTT

WAVE app
Turn your phone into a broadband Push-To-Talk (PTT) handset with the Motorola Solutions WAVE Mobile Application and get instant communication anywhere you have broadband service. By extending instantaneous group communication to users on smartphones and tablets as well as two-way radios, the WAVE Mobile Application provides connectivity without limits.

WAVE Dispatch

Wave Dispatch
Simplify day-to-day operations with WAVE Dispatch. Log in from any internet connection and get access to all the communication tools you need to manage your resources and coordinate an effective operation. Regardless of location, with WAVE Dispatch you are just a click away.


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