Mimosa WI-FI Hardware

Introducing Mimosa Wi-Fi hardware, designed for outdoor use, at long distances and with robust speeds




We all know that demand for Internet access is only going to grow as the world becomes ever more connected. The question now is only, ‘How are we going to get there?’


For many years, fibre connection was seen as the ultimate path to high-speed connectivity. The reality, however, is that in many areas, fibre has fallen short as too expensive and slow to deploy. For most of the world, Fibre to the Home just isn’t a viable option.


That is where Mimosa’s mission begins – offering the next generation of Wi-Fi hardware, designed for outdoor use, at long distances and with robust speeds. Wi-Fi is no longer just for your smartphone. Mimosa’s wireless technology picks up where fibre leaves off to reliably connect homes and businesses in areas where fibre can’t practically reach.


Employing a comprehensive ‘Cloud to Client’ strategy, using coordinated Massive MIMO and intelligent spectrum technology, Mimosa brings unique advancements to every layer of the Internet access network, making wireless a scalable solution, for any community, in any locale.



Click on the links below to discover more about the Mimosa Wi-Fi hardware range.

mimosa backhaulmimosa accessmimosa client


To enquire about Mimosa Wi-Fi Hardware simply contact us on: 0800 043 2688.

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