Mimosa Client WI-FI Hardware


C5 Client


The Mimosa C5 is a high gain, high throughput client device that can be dropped into any Wi-Fi-compatible network. The C5 is available in two options, antenna-integrated or connectorised for longer distance applications. Designed for NLOS applications, it easily attaches to any standard J-mount for typical eave or rooftop mounting. The C5 can also use Mimosa’s customised J-mount accessory for finer adjustment capabilities*.


*Not included in C5 purchase.


The C5i is the first of its kind, a Hotspot-to-the-Home Gateway. Allowing you to do more with less, consumers can easily place the product in their home and connect to their local Service Provider’s wireless Hotspots. Plus, with integrated Wi-Fi home networking, the C5i delivers everything you need to connect all your devices to the Internet.


Say goodbye to the dreaded truck roll – the self-installable consumer device removes cost and hassle for new subscribers.


The C5i is the first elegant, simple Internet access alternative for the Wi-Fi Generation.



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