The first scalable, unlicensed multipoint solution for deploying gigabit+ services in virtually any rural, suburban or urban environment.


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A5-90: Sector
The Mimosa A5-90 is beneficial to many different markets, ranging from the smallest fixed wireless ISPs to the largest wireline and mobile operators. Additionally, due to its extremely high gain and spectrum re-use technology, it is ideal for long-distance and collocation applications. The A5-90 boasts an incredible 90 dB front-to-back isolation as well as integrated GPS + GLONASS for local and network-wide synchronisation. In TDMA mode, this enables you to house multiple radios on the same tower, with the same frequency for ultra spectrum re-use.


A5-360: Omni
Mimosa’s A5-360 is not your typical Omni access point, it redefines LOS and NLOSdeployment for urban and suburban environments. Our access points debut super high capacity (250+ clients!) and advanced interference reduction techniques to enable service in high-density markets where wireless never worked before – changing the way consumers connect forever. Mimosa offers both a 14 dBi and 18 dBi version to fulfil the needs of your network. The A5-360 Integrated GPS + GLONASS for incredible network efficiency and spectrum re-use.


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