HEFMA Conference 2018

Visit DCRS at the HEFMA Leadership Forum 2018

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Visit DCRS at the annual HEFMA Leadership Forum

Learn more about how we can unify your on-site voice & data processes to give you a healthcare radio system that can assist in the protection of staff, unite operations and save time & money at this years HEFMA Leadership Forum.

What will DCRS be exhibiting?

We will be showing a multitude of software systems that can be linked to your two-way radios, smartphones, tablets, emails + workstations:

  • Alarm Handler – How many false alarms have you had just in 2018 & how many have been turned into fines by your local fire service? Our software system will have paid for itself after only one use. And you are not just limited to fire alarms you can also link to Security,  BMS/machine/technical and more and Alarm listeners – CST, MING, Crestron, AV/IT, HVAC, PRTG, OPC, ModBUS, CANBus, MTU, Consillium, RS232/422/485, HTTP, TCP/IP/UDP.
  • Lone Worker – Do you know where all of your staff are and are they protected? As an employer you have a duty of care to your team. We can offer real-time track & track systems and body cams all of which are fully recordable for insurance mitigation.
  • Voice Recorder – A recording solution allows network administrators to record, log, and playback any calls on two-way radio networks, for both radio-to radio and phone-to-radio conversations.
  • Job Ticketing – What if you could automate requests for patient movements around your site, or cut down on paperwork to meet your environmental & substantiality requirements? Job tickets are hosted and managed privately on your encrypted computer network, and there are no additional costs incurred with online workflow applications. This system also allows the management team to run full reports.
  • NEW WIFI Call Button – A Smart, wireless call button – Discretely call for assistance in times of emergency. Long and short press for different messages, with an LED feedback ring for confirmation – ideal for receptionists, nurses and doctors.




See how sites have taken advantage of software apps to enhance their encrypted on-site processes

Aintree University Hospital   Cygnet Healthcare

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DCRS are members of the British Insititute of Facilities Management and Cyber Essentials Accredited 


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 Not attending the event? Why not talk to one of our healthcare specialists today on 0800 043 2688, chat live here or email sales@dcrs.co.uk