Digital Radios: Programmable Features

Digital Radios operate using a mathematical system that uses binary numbers to transmit voice so the sound is much clearer. These types of two-way radios are modern and have multiple features and applications. But, what exactly are those features and how can they benefit you?

Hand portable Identification

We will programme all radios and identify them through shop names / ID’s which can be shown on the control room radio (FOC). We can also provide features & functions such as: Emergency Button, Stun/Unstun, Call Alert, Radio Check etc.

Remote Monitor

This function allows either a hand portable or a fixed mobile to listen in to another radio user. The action applies for a period of 10 seconds and then drops out. The main reasons for this being used is if someone is dealing with an incident and you can see on CCTV that they require assistance. You can then Remote Monitor the conversation whilst help is on the way.

Individual Calling

Individual Calling allows you to call another radio and speak privately without the rest of the channel hearing the conversation. Please be aware that depending on how your system is configured, by using this feature on some systems, you may tie the channel up, and therefore anyone else on that channel will receive the engaged tone.

Radio Enable/Disable

This function allows you to disable any radio on the fleet should you require to. This would happen should you have a radio stolen. You would have to disable the radio and it then switches off and you are unable to hear or make transmissions. Should another person then take it to another radio company to have it looked at, they will be unable to activate due to a scrabbled password inside. Should the radio then turn up, you can enable and it will return to normal use.

Predefined Text Messaging (Part Keypad Radio)

Predefined Text Messaging allows you to have up to 20 text messages already set up within your radio. The radio user selects the text message they require and then will have the option to send to a group of people within the selected channel or an individual.

Text Messaging (Full Keypad Radio)

This function allows you to free type text messages within your radio. The radio user selects the text, and then you will have the option to send to a group of people of the selected channel or an individual.

Emergency Button

The emergency button function can be enabled so that when the emergency button is activated, all users on the channel will receive the alarm. The radio will also display the radio name and ID number so you can identify who is in need of assistance. The radio will also open the transmit airwaves without the need for pressing to talk, so all users can hear what is happening for a period of 10 seconds.

Transmit Interrupt

This allows another radio to interrupt current transmissions so emergency calls can get through when required.

Lone Worker

Higher tier digital series radios will come standard with the Lone Worker function. This function has been enabled to assist you when working on your own. In order to use Lone Worker, you will be required to turn to an agreed channel. When you change to the required channel this starts the Lone Worker Function automatically. You will be given a period of time ranging from 5 minutes to 60 minutes and the radio will signal to you that this time is up and that an action is required, i.e. by pressing the PTT Button. When you have pressed the large PTT side button this restarts the timer on your radio. Should you not press anything after a period of seconds detailed by you, the client, this initiates an emergency procedure as if you have pressed the emergency button.

Radio Check

This function allows you to test whether another radio is switched on or off.

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