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FCS Annual Conference

FCS Annual Conference 2018

As members of the FCS DCRS attended their annual conference at the Chateau Impney in November.

This one-day event provides DCRS with opportunities to learn, network & keep in touch with all of our partners that we collaborate with.

Throughout the day the annual conference focused on how we can future proof our clients’ communications equipment and how best practices can ensure we are adhering to industry standards.  Speakers included:

  • Chris Cant (Hytera UK) – Hytera P-PoC Solutions
  • Paul Jarvis (Ofcom) – Monitoring and Development
  • Jenny Bailey (Ofcom) – Radio Monitoring Using a Drone
  • Neil Rynn (Ofcom) – Spectrum Management
  • Richard Russell (Tait Communications) – Enhancing Utility & First Responder Health & Safety
  • Stephen Edwards (Kenwood) – Practical Considerations for High Density and Wide Area DMR Systems
  • Tim Clark (Motorola Solutions) – The Value of Mission Critical Communications
  • Dimitris Kaltakis (TfL) – Transforming Surface Transport’s Radio and Shaping TfL’s Telecommunications Strategy


Alongside the presentations, manufacturers and software application partners demonstrated their newest products and solutions available.


What type of radio licence from OFCOM do I need?
OFCOM – Delays in applications and responses

Due to high volumes of work, there may be delays in processing radio licence applications and responding to enquiries. However, OFCOM is still aiming to complete applications within their published turnaround times (See Section 4 of the Wireless Telegraphy (Licensing Procedures) Regulations 2010.)

Did you know that DCRS can assist you with your OFCOM radio licence and manage your renewals to ensure your frequencies are never revoked. Find out more here.



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DCRS Engineers complete Roof Safety & RF Hazards Reval

Health & Safety is at the forefront of everything that DCRS does. In November we sent our engineers on their annual Roof safety and RF Hazards course.  This Roof Safety and RF Hazards revalidation course provides information and practical training on a range of temporary and permanent fall protection systems used for work on roofs. This adds to our engineer’s already comprehensive list of qualifications in this area.


Ash Robinson at METS
DCRS Sponsor Super Yacht Technology Round Table

Held at METS on the 13th of Nov 2018, Ash Robinson our resident superyacht expert joined a field of technical experts to present our products and services to technical crew, project managers, captains and technical thought leaders from leading management companies.

The METSTRADE Show is the world’s largest trade exhibition of marine equipment, materials and systems – more information can be found here.

Whether it is a sea trial, a collaboration with a network & av partner, a new communications system for a refit or advice on a failing radio system DCRS can assist with your onboard vessel communications.

Contact Ash Robinson today to arrange a no obligation review.






Product Focus – The  MOTOTRBO™ SLR 1000 Repeater

The Motorola Solutions simple plug and play repeater MOTOTRBO™ SLR 1000 offers the full standard functionality of the other SLR repeaters in a small, weather-tough, IP65 enclosure.

The small form offers users the ability to mount the repeater in standard and more unusual areas such as on walls or outside on pole mounting brackets. The repeater is a low power, low noise, fan-less design and supports all MOTOTRBO™ system types with a 10W/5WRF output (un-duplexed/duplexed).

Download the full specification here







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