Cyber Essentials DCRS

DCRS awarded Cyber Essentials Crest Certification


We are pleased to announce that we have passed our Cyber Essentials Assessment

By achieving this certification DCRS has demonstrated that we have addressed our cyber security compliance requirements and demonstrates commitment to information security, providing assurance to our clients and partners. This certification covers all offices throughout the UK.

Cyber Essentials

Initially launched in 2014, the government worked with the Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises (IASME) consortium and the Information Security Forum (ISF) to develop Cyber Essentials, a set of technical controls to help organisations protect themselves against common online security threats.

Primarily focused on external threats, Cyber Essentials sets out a baseline of cyber security suitable for all organisations in all sectors and has been developed in close consultation with multiple industries to provide businesses with clarity on good cyber practice.

The principal focus of the scheme is on the five most important technical security controls; when implemented correctly it can prevent around 80% of cyber attacks. These controls were identified by the Government and if they had been in place, would have stopped the majority of the successful cyber attacks over the last few years.


Cyber Essentials Five PointsFive Key Points

Secure configuration


Access controls and administrative privilege management

Patch management

Malware protection


What does this mean to DCRS?

Being Cyber Essential certified gives reassurance to our clients that we comply with a Government recognised level of information security. Cyber Essentials demonstrates that DCRS is security conscious and we value the importance of securing our client’s data:

  • Our data is protected against prevalent cyber threats
  • We are demonstrating to our clients our commitment to security
  • We can continue working with public sector organisations
  • It ensures that we maintain our exceptional reputation


In an increasingly challenging digital world DCRS take great pride in keeping our clients and partners data protected.

For more information visit Cyber Essentials Here 



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