Case Study – Senvion Wind Energy Solutions

Senvion Wind Energy Solutions roll out MOTOTRBO™ Radio Fleet

With over 26 years in the business and more than 7,500 wind turbine installations Senvion has one of the most renowned names in the industry. Since its launch in the UK in 2003, Senvion has installed GW onshore and offshore throughout England, Scotland and Wales. In 2016, the company installed more turbines in the UK than any other supplier.

When they first approached DCRS Senvion were utilising mobile phones which proved tiresome with their non-existent reception once inside the steel structure, meaning an engineer could not talk to another until they were at the top of the turbine.

Rolling out to 18 sites throughout the UK the 172 strong hand portable two-way radio fleet can be moved around, or additional units added to their fleet as their requirements increase.



Due to the high-risk environment the engineers work in they had a requirement for a constant, open communication line and the MOTOTRBO™ DP1400 two-way radio ticked every box.

  • The transmit Interrupt feature allows team members or the management team to put out emergency transmissions delivering them immediately by interrupting lower priority communications.
  • Their Li-Ion Battery lasts 40% longer providing reliable communications throughout extended work shifts.
  • The radio’s digital noise-cancelling software filters out the worst of the background noise, allowing them to hear clearly over loud noises.



This comprehensive but standard-based hand portable has allowed each site to unify their working environment while providing them with a solution that allows them to respond to requests and challenges throughout a working day without hindrance.


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