England Hockey


England Hockey deploys Vertex Standard digital DMR radios for improved communication at events



England Hockey wanted to update its analogue fleet of Two-Way Portable Radios. It needed reliable, easy-to-operate radios with a long battery life and excellent audio, as well as a long-term, sustainable solution. With digital radio offering added functionality and features such as time division multiple access (TDMA), it made sense for England Hockey to move to digital. Reviewing requirements in close collaboration with long-term partner DCRS, England Hockey decided to equip its event teams with Vertex Standard EVX-531 Digital Radios. Ash Robinson, Account Manager at DCRS explains: “With a relationship spanning 13 years DCRS was delighted to support England Hockey when it decided to upgrade to a digital radio solution. Vertex Standard was a natural choice due to the specifications England Hockey stated, giving its users’ a reliable form of communication for its events.”



England Hockey is the National Governing Body for field hockey, headquartered at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre in Buckinghamshire. England Hockey was officially founded at the beginning of 2003 and now employs over 70 people; however, this group is supported by an incalculable number of dedicated volunteers at club, county, regional and national level.

England Hockey had previously used analogue Two-Way Portable Radios, supplied by its long-term partner DCRS Ltd, to manage operations at its events. However, as the analogue radios became outdated, England Hockey decided to purchase a fleet of Vertex Standard EVX-531 Digital Radios from DCRS. Users find the EVX-531 radio to be lightweight and very easy to use. With its large speaker, the radio offers excellent audio quality, which means staff can communicate more clearly, despite high levels of background noise at the events.



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