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Aintree University Hospital – Greater Efficiency Achieved with MOTOTRBO™ Porter Track Solution

Aintree University Hospital is a large teaching hospital in Liverpool providing Accident & Emergency services and a broad range of acute and non-acute specialities. Seeking to improve its method of allocating jobs to porters and replace its ageing analogue radio system, the hospital turned to the communication market for a radio solution.

A number of two-way radio companies were asked to provide options, and Aintree University Hospital selected the DCRS proposal as the most effective to meet its needs. Amongst the benefits of the DCRS system is that it enables mobile dispatchers to allocate jobs irrespective of their location. The solution chosen was a MOTOTRBO™ Radio System which is controlled via a TRBOnet Communication and Management Application with a Job Ticketing module.


The methodology for the new system is quite simple – reducing the number of points of failure and the time taken to allocate a job should the operative not be at the station when the request is received.

Once a request is received for service, the duty dispatcher assigns the task to an individual who accepts the role. This allocation can be monitored by any one of the other three dispatchers or management for escalation if required. The whole function of the job is date and time-stamped providing an audit trail of all the work carried out. The duty dispatcher could be mobile at the time of the request for service. Therefore a tablet loaded with the TRBOnet Communication and Management Application is used by the job allocator to ensure a speedy response to any request.

The hardware used on this installation included  MOTOTRBO™ SLR5500 Digital repeaters and associated antenna equipment and accessories, the MOTOTRBO™ DP4800 two-way radios are utilised by the staff and a mixture of single and multi-chargers from the Motorola Solutions Impres range of intelligent chargers provide longer battery life.


DCRS has now provided a complete turnkey solution to the hospital, from inception to delivery and full support service.

Article provided by HEFMA Pulse May 2017

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