Motorola XT400 Series Two Way Radio Bundle Packs

Summer Offer 
Are you considering the Motorola XT400 Series for your onsite communications? Consider our bundle offers, built to save you money.


Motorola XT400 Series Bundle







What benefits can the XT420 and XT460 Walkie Talkies deliver to your site and staff?


  • COMMUNICATE CLEARLY  – Thanks to its tightly specified RF performance and built-in 1500mW loudspeaker with wind-noise reduction. The user can select between 8 channels and 219 privacy codes to help ensure a clear signal
  • INTERACT EASILY  – With customised channel announcements tell you which channel you’re on when you change it. So you can concentrate on serving customers, not removing the radio from a belt to see the channel. Designate 16 pre-recorded channel names that fit your departments, such as customer service, security, maintenance and more
  • CARRY WITH EASE –  The carry holster with a swivel clip lets you rotate the XT400 Series radio into a comfortable position. Move freely as you bend to pick up a tool or reach to restock a shelf
  • CONNECT CONVENIENTLY  – Put the XT400 Series radios in voice-activated (VOX) mode (with or without an audio accessory) and converse hands-free without physically pressing the push-to-talk (PTT) button. Now you can multi-task, check in a guest and call customer service to assist at the front desk.
  • HYGENIC –  An antimicrobial coating helps prevent the growth of mould and germs on the surface of the radio. As workers change shifts, they can pass on radios confidently.


Learn More about the Motorola XT400 Series in this handy guide
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